13/1/19 Havannah Flash Match. Cancelled.

Due to sickness, work and other commitments from members the low participation resulted in this match being cancelled.

I still had the opportunity to get out and try out my new pole though. Woke up to howling wind with gusts to 40kph odd. Had a run out to Moathouse in Burtonwood, and it was bleak, I mean real bleak. With it being open farm land there were no barriers to calm the wind, it was just howling. Not fishing here today. Set off to Cowhey Dam off the East Lancs, there are plenty enough trees for cover there. Settled on Lagoon pool as I could hunker down. Set up for the day but the wind was still relentless and fishing a pole was just not on the cards. Set up my 8′ Omni feeder rod and Omni 40 reel. Fished a small pellet feeder with 50/50 groundbait and crushed expanders. Had a nice 4oz (ish) roach first chuck, spirits were high. Sat for 45 mins before the next bite! A nice skimmer again 4-5 oz odd. Hour or so later another roach maybe 1 oz. Went real quite so I switched to a 20g bomb in the hope that single bait and no feed will spurn the fishies to feed, rest of the afternoon I had another roach and a skimmer. Days totall weight must have been close to 1/2 lb! Rocking it like a pro on a commercial water.

Had the company of 2 Robins so I wasn’t on my own all day 🙂


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