20/1/19 Teal Pool, Moathouse Fisheries.

A wet start to the day, just pleasure fishing today, dried up by 10 ish though. No rush to get organised or rushing before the “all in”. A great chance to try out the Maver Signature Pro 800 with out the pressure of a match situation. Teal was deserted other than 2 lads on tip on the far side top of the doughnut island, they had only been there 1/2 hour and not had a bite yet, so no indication on how it was fishing in the cold damp conditions. I plumbed out to the island, 10″ of depth from mud line to 3-4′ out, a drop off to 4′ 6″ shelf that was shy of 2′ wide and then 6′ something back to 2′ from my feet. Decided to feed the mud line and the shelf with 2mm soaked pellet and 4mm expanders soaked in strawberry flavouring, and the mid depth with 2mm soaked pellet and big reds. First chuck in on the shelf (9:30), 4mm expanders, and within 10 mins had a nice 2lb Mirror, thought that was going to be the trend for the day 🙂 . Sadly nothing right up to 11:50 when I changed from 4mm expanders to big red. Nothing mid water or on the mud line, started catching roach on the shelf on big red so swapped my top 2 from a 5-8 hollow, Gortini 4×14 to a 3 solid on a match top3 Gortini 4×12. Having pretty good luck with the roach and was steady for an hour or so. Started to die off on the bottom but was picking them off on the lift, pulled 8″ of depth from my rig and really started to get some decent stamp of roach. Come 14:30 I had achieved my aim in christening the Maver and it proved to be all that the reviews said it was.
It was better balanced, far stiffer and significantly lighter at 13m, 14.5m than the MAP, but you can’t draw a direct comparison over the MAP at £400 and the Maver at £1800. A good day.


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