Hats off to those who stayed! Havannah Flash 27/1/18

Amber weather warning all week for Sunday 27/1/18 high wind gusting to 65kph, did we listen? well obviously not! Got all my rigs sorted on Friday, rigged up the new Chianti style Gortini 4×10 and 4×12 0.011 main line 6″ 0.08 hook length to 24 barbless. 7 turned up for the match, we must be the totally mad one’s. Chris Grehan shipped out his pole to plumb and a section snapped in the wind, that was a clue to get my tip rod out and not use a pole. I had set out my top sections with 2 round Gortini 2×14 and 2 Chianti 4×12, other than plumbing my swim they didn’t get wet again.
Nothing was biting up the top end, pegs 10 Paul H, 11 Me, 12 Jimmy C and 13 Tony S, it was a real slow start. Jimmy hit into a roach on pole and shortly after I had a nice stamp roach on tip, Paul and Tony were also starting to get bits. We could see down to the lower number pegs and as normal Ian A was pulling them out, Chris G and Ray R were catching more than us at the other end of the tow path.
Everything I put down was just getting blown off my side tray and I spent a good deal of time trying to retrieve my flask cup with my landing net. I wasn’t enjoying it at all, and decided to abandon the match. As I was packing up the wind got behind Chris’ trolley, which was loaded with ‘stuff’ this ended up in the Flash, he, Ray and Ian spent 5 mins retrieving that. I think my wimping out was a good idea at that point.
There is always another day and I didn’t break anything.

Footnote: This match was abandoned by the remaining anglers as I was leaving the venue. There were still some good weights recorded for the 2 hours fishing though.


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