Sunday, puncture! fishing didn’t happen.

Woke up Sunday with every intention of getting the Vannie a bit early and help with breaking the ice around the pegs. Still a little dark but loaded the car up with my seat box and trolley, went round to the passenger side of the car to open the front passenger seat fully forward and drop the rear seat to get my pole bag in and noticed the nearside front tyre was completely flat. I had been out the night before to get fish and chips but didn’t get any indication from the TPMS that I had picked up a screw in the tyre! Informed Ian A that I wasn’t going to make it and sat around until 10am when KwikFit was due to open. Takes an F1 pit crew less than 4 seconds to change 4 wheels, but Kwik Fit take over an hour to fix a puncture! I needed to get it dome today as I am off to Reading at 5am Monday and the car has one of those skinny spares which are useless. Oh well there is always next week, hopefully the temps will have risen a bit by then as well.

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