Havannah Flash 10/2/19 Club Match

After last week where the vannie was frozen solid it made a change for a forecasted dry day with a ‘light breeze’. Drew peg 3 along the towpath, not a preferred peg, but you have to take what you draw.
Set up with 2 top 3 and 1 top 2, all No3 solid elastic. (top 3) Gortini Chianti style 4×10 down to 0.06 24 hook, float dotted to 2mm with no back shot. (top 3) Gortini Chianti style 4×12 down to 0.08 22 hook dotted to 2mm No8 stotz back shot. (top 2) Gortini 4×14 round body down to 0.06 24 hook dotted to 3mm No8 stotz back shot. Plumbed out 8m @ 1.5m and 10m @ 1.9m Margins have been a waste on all previous visits on the vannie so didn’t even bother.
At the all in fishing 8m and it was slow, real slow. Didn’t get a bite until 1 3/4 hours in, tried all my lines and pinkie, punch and pellet with no success. The wind started to get pretty blustery about 11 and it was hard to determine what my float was doing, sat lifting for a while and eventually hit into a small skimmer. The wind was getting pretty persistent now so switched to tip and tried liquidised bread on my method feeder, still nothing! Had a cup of coffee or 3, some pork pies and a rethink. Switched to my Gortini 4×14 round body and added another No8 back shot. Now I could get some indication on what my float was doing and within 10 mins had landed a nice stamp roach and another skimmer, it was still slow but at least now I could manage my line at 8m, pulled this in to 7m late on and again started to catch some small roach. 3pm all out – 7 fish for 7oz, not a huge haul but enough for joint 3rd. Honestly thought the vannie was going to fish well today after the couple of weeks of dire weather.

Just waiting for Brian to release the Gortini towels and my box set up will be complete.


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