Final Round Summer Pairs League 11/8/19 Oak and Beech Pools, White Door Dam

Stakes were high and there were 2 points separating the top 4 teams. There was a slim but achievable chance that even one of the pairs in the 5-6 and 7 place could win it if the top placed pairs had a mare of a day. So with all to fish for the pressure was on.
I drew what was pegged as peg 6 on Oak Pool, I was later told by those that regularly fish the Dam it was the worst peg on the complex! Not deterred I set up my Margin tracks, left and right, a 10m track directly to my front, a 13m again directly out front and 2 10m tracks left and right 10 and 2 o’clock. Other than the margin I had 2 rigs for each track one dead bottom and one up in the water.
Right margin was off at 10m, 4×14 Gortini margin float, 0.10 main line to 0.09 hook length and a 16 forged hook. Quick change available between quick stop and band.
Left margin was same rig but at 6m.
10 and 13m tracks, 4×12 Gortini round body 0.10 main line to 0.09 hook length 20 forged hook.
At the all in I chucked out my method feeder and started feeding my margin and front tracks, had a few liners on the method but nothing positive after 10 mins. Switched to 10m track and started to get some skimmers and a nice bream, as this quietened down I moved out to 13m and again skimmer, bream and a few roach. 10 o’clock track out to the lily pad was producing some small perch but nothing big.
Left margin was nothing. Right Margin had two big violent hits that just dragged me off to the dam snags and took the hook lengths before I had had time to react.
At the all out: 4lb 5oz of roach, perch, skimmer and bream for 5th.

Gortini pole floats: 4×14 Margin, Mini Margin, 4×12 round body, 4×12 chianti.

Burt Baits: Natural Silvers Light groundbait, 2mm choc orange pellet, 2mm polony pellet, 4mm polony pellet, polony bait spray, polony splash mix.
Dynamite: 8mm Robin Red, 8mm Halibut

Winner of the league was Ian Alexander (Burt Baits) Mark Brown. 2nd Chris Grehan Dave Boyle, 3rd Eddie Marcroft ( Golborne Tackle & Bait) Tony Smith ( Golborne Tackle & Bait) . Congratulations and spend your winnings wisely 😉 .

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