Beech Pool, White Door Dam 01/9/19

Today’s club match was on the canal, so I did not fish it. Headed off to Beech Pool, I had to test run the paste floats that Bri @Gortini made up for me and decided that Beech was as good as anywhere else. Set up on the back side 1/3 the way down. 3 rigs;
1. GORTINI 4×12 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length, #20 forged Guru hook.
2. GORTINI 4×14 paste float 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length, #14 forged Guru hook.
3. GORTINI short Margin 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length #18 forged Guru hook.
Bait was Burt Baits; 2mm Choc orange, 4mm sweet F1, 4mm polony, krill additive soaked 4mm and 6mm pro expanders. Ground bait was 3/4 dark bream mix and 1/4 red bream mix.
Paste was Mainline 1 to 1 natural.

Started off on my paste rig, fed 4mm polony pellet 10m directly out front of the peg, first drop and within 30 secs a nice ~4lb (one eyed) ghost. 2 or 3 missed bites and then another ~3lb ghost, next drop a large skimmer, it was looking too easy, 30 mins of skimmers and large roach, no more carp. The paste float was well balanced and dropped/washed out paste was indicated correctly with the tip raising up to the full 50mm. Small roach started to come into the swim and just nuisanced the paste off the hook constantly.

Switched round to my margin rig and fished left and in front of the lily bed. Fed 4mm sweet F1 pellet with 4mm expander on the hook, started with some really nice bream and skimmers, this continued for an hour or so when I then changed back to my paste line, again just getting small roach nuisance. Set my paste float to same depth as margin and dropped in, BANG! the float shot off into open water like a steam train. Took a while to calm things down and start to get the upper hand, 10 mins and I still hadn’t got it’s head up. Just took my time and was rewarded with an easy double figure common that just about fitted in my net. The rest of the day was spent on this left margin with spells out at 10m, bream, skimmer and roach were the rewards for the rest of the day. John (White Door Bailiff ) jinxed me as up until he came over and had a chat I had not had a gudgeon, as soon as he walked off I had a single gudgeon.
Ended the day with 44, really enjoyed the day and was well impressed with the Gortini 4×14 paste float.

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