I actually fished the Canal! 15/9/19

And I don’t think I will be back anytime soon.
I decided to give the Sunday Canal match a go, had no intention of taking a pole and having to deal with fat men in lycra who think the tow path is the domain of bikes. Drew peg 28 on the ~20m wide, barren, featureless, stretch of the canal. Meant nothing to me as I have never fished the canal before.
5m whip, GORTINI 4×10 pole float, 0.07 mainline to 0.06 hook length 20 forged hook.
Waggler rod, 4BB slim waggler.
8′ Shakespeare Omi feeder rod.
Fed, Burts Baits 2mm choc Orange at 5m and F1 sweet 4mm pellets at 16m. Hand tossing Natural silvers light nuggets over my float.
At the all in I was catching perch, I had 32 in the first hour. Then nothing for over an hour, swapped between whip and waggler, not even a bump. Threw out a hybrid feeder with worm and then expander on the hook for nothing over 30 mins. Last hour I had a roach on waggler and a few more perch on the whip. All out, was 35 perch and 1 roach for maybe 2lb ish. Didn’t weigh in. Not an impressive day by any stretch of the imagination and I honestly don’t think I could have done any more to make improvements, the fish just weren’t there.

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