Havannah Flash, club match 22/9/19

I was looking forward to fishing ‘the flash’ again, although it is hard going it really makes you think about the tactics and methods you deploy to get a good result. Absolutely pissing down when I got up this morning and it didn’t let up until the All in! 2 tracks and a margin plumbed up @10m out, thoughts here were that the warm Friday and Saturday will keep the fish in the shallower water. However it soon became apparent that they had pushed out @13.5m. 67 roach for 1lb 12oz, they were there just not the good stamp I was expecting, biggest I had was close to 3″ šŸ˜¢ . Fished Big Red, 2mm expander, worm and caster, just nothing with some weight wanted it. 2 top 2 set up with GORTINI 4×12 0.09 mainline to 0.06 hook length 20 forged hook, set shallow, 20″ and 16″. Tried during the match to bring it in closer but nothing was happening short, so 13.5m all day. Again wasn’t last, mid table and was happy with that. 4lb 10oz 12dram took the win, so it was a hard day for everyone. Thanks again to Tony Smith for running this series of matches on ‘the flash’.

Bait; Burts Bait feed pellets, polony 2mm, Sweet F1 4mm, Choc Orange spray on 2mm expanders. Natural Silvers Light and Blood Worm Glow 80/20 ground bait
Big Red, Worm, Caster

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