Weather scuppered us!

Today was the day we had booked to go lake fishing in Sweden. All the internet advertising garb looked really nice, and some of the photos we had been sent looked idyllic. Not so much once at the lake and marina we had booked. It was still breathtaking views but the boat was tiny, just enough room for the skipper and 4 people, not even a proper cover over the deck. It was torrential rain and blowing a gale when we got to the lake so we were not expecting too much in the way of comfort, but the waves were well into 12″ and higher. The skipper said he would not go out in that as it was too unsafe, so we were left high and dry. We had only paid a 15% deposit in the UK and we got that back. Bummer is that to fish in Sweden you need a permit and these take a week or so to be issued, which is why we booked through a guide as everything was included, just a day permit though so we cant transfer it to another day. Not deterred we headed back into Stockholm City and headed for the Vasa Museum on the island of Djurgården. Quite a few museums on the island, we gave the Abba museum a swerve honest, the Vasa is the Swedish equivalent of the Mary Rose, designed by an idiot as it rolled over and sank in Stockholm harbour on its maiden voyage. Lost in history for over 300 years it was eventually found again and raised in what can only be described as very good condition in 1960 or so. The museum that was built to exhibit it is climate and humidity controlled and you have to go through 3 sets of air locks to get in and out. Once in though it really is amazing how good the ship looks after sitting on the sea floor for 300 years. Viking museum is pretty small and there are only a few things that you don’t see on a Friday night in Liverpool city centre at kicking out time 🤣🤣🤣🐱‍🚀. Day wasn’t wasted, just dissapointed we didn’t get to fish. Fishing from lake bank sides isn’t a thing over here and everything seems geared to fishing from a boat of some sort. No worries as Stockholm is an amazing city. One thing we haven’t seen though is Swedish money, everything is cashless, even hot dog and ice cream sellers in their vans do not take cash, bank card or a card called swish that is like a top up card for the kids.

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