Havannah Flash, club match 3/11/19.

After the torrential and persistent rain of yesterday I wasn’t expecting any great weights for today’s match. The Flash was up a good foot and some, a lot of the pegs on the front were underwater and the colour was like weak coffee. I pulled Peg 26 and wasn’t unhappy with that, I had framed a few times off this peg and also won from it, not disappointed at all. The peg is well in the trees and down a steep bank making it difficult to ship back on a long pole, the peg out to 16m was covered in leaves and as there was no wind they weren’t going anywhere.. Not withstanding, I set a 13m line a 9m line and a 3m line on my whip. Balling in ground bait has proved negative in my previous visits so I chose to feed from my cad pot and not put in too much too early. Setting up and plumbing my lines was about as exciting as it got! 2 hours switching lines and bait choice I hadn’t even had a knock, to my right neither had the other 2 anglers on this section, so I wasn’t alone with a dry net. After 2 1/2 hours John M to my immediate right had a small skimmer at 13m, If that is where they are going to show then I needed to be out there. Shipped out 13m line and spent the next 1/2 hour switching baits and feeding for nothing, John’s fish was solitary. 3 hours in and my peg was still filled with leaves making my presentation non-existent. I lifted my whip to change bait and I thought I had caught yet another leaf, but it turned out to be the smallest baby skimmer, foul hooked! for no weight. I didn’t even bother to put it in my keepnet. With 1/2 hour to go to the all out I threw in the towel and started to pack up my peg. Not a good day and one I will be happy to forget. 3 on our section and only 2 fish between us…

Fished with GORTINI 4×12 round body floats on Pole and GORTINI 4×12 chianti on whip.
Bait was; big red, caster, worm, 2mm expander, 4mm expander, Warburtons mighty white, for punch and liquidised.
Burt Baits; 50/50 Silver Sensation/Natural Silvers. Sweet F1 additive and spray.

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