The Old Hough, Lakeside Open 10/11/19. Big Max.

Woke up to another below 0C morning 🥶. Packed up the car and headed off to the venue. A nice cup of tea and a bacon buttie welcomed me at Old Hough which was a great start to the day, at the draw pulled Peg 3, right on a corner and hemmed in on the left by an aerator and the cable and 2 small islands to them. Not concerned as my plan was to fish bomb and pellet 3/4 out to the centre island and cage and pellet on the mud line, with options at 10.5m, 7m and left margin. First hour switching between bomb and cage resulted in not even a knock, nothing was happening on the pegs to my left and right either. Decided to change up and target the silvers as the f1 and carp were just not this side of the lake. Balled up 50/50 Burt Baits f1 sweet and Burt Baits Xpander groundbait and fed 10.5m, 7m and margin. Burt Baits Polony 2mm at 10.5m and 7m with corn and Burt Baits 4+6mm F1 sweet pellet in the margin. Spent the rest of the match switching lines and feeding in the hope the f1’s would show. Roach was all that was showing, not even a skimmer. At the weigh in I clocked in with 4lb 2oz, nowhere near what I was expecting from this lake. I was the only angler from Peg 1 through 10 who weighed in, my Burt Baits surely giving me the edge. Winning weight was 19lb something with 13lb and 10lb all coming from the back of the lake pegs 22 – 27. No coin and just outside the frame, so not dissapointed at all.
Margin, 8-12 elastic, 0.13 mainline to 0.10 hook length, 18 banded hook. GORTINI 4×14 margin float.
7m, 5-8 elastic, 0.10 mainline to 0.08 hook length, 18 forged hook. GORTINI 4×12 round body float.
10.5m, 8-12 elastic, 0.13 mainline to 0.10 hook length, 18 forged hook. GORTINI 4×14 round body float.
Bait: Burt Baits; f1 sweet carp, Xpander groundbait. 2mm polony, 4mm and 6mm f1 sweet carp pellet.
Corn, dead red and worm.

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