24/11/19 The Old Hough, Lakeside Open. Prospect and Lucky Dip.

At the draw I pulled Peg 5 Prospect, not fished this ‘snake’ lake before so had no idea on how I was going to address it. Plumbed a line (1) at 15m to the mud line directly out front @1.2m, 2m back it dropped off the shelf to 2.2m. (2) at 10m @ 2.4m and (3) margin left and right top 2 + 2. At the all in I fed 15m and 14m with Burt Baits 50/25/25 F1 sweet, silver sensation, bream red with Burt Baits 2mm polony, caster and dead red in the mix, dropping a slack handful of Burt Baits 4mm F1 sweet Carp and 4mm winter whites in the margins.
(1) 8 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 round body yellow tip, 0.18 main line to 0.09 hook length 18 Guru F1 banded hook.
(2) 8 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 round body black tip, 0.18 main line to 0.09 hook length 18 Guru F1 banded hook.
(3) 12 elastic, GORTINI mini margin, 0.18 main line to 0.11 hook length 18 Guru F1 banded hook.
Dobbed bread on the mud line prior to feeding it and the 14m in the hope of picking up some early bonus fish, nothing after 20 mins so fed that line. Dropped a 4mm winter white on my 10m line and almost instantly had a 2lb+ Bream, from then on just a few roach, upped the hook bait to 6mm winter white but if there were more than 1 Bream they had left my swim. Over the next 2 hours I switched between the 14/15m line and the 10m line, constantly feeding these and my margins. Just picking off the odd skimmer and roach. 13:30 (ish) and my float buried on the 10m line, dropped my tip into the water but it wasn’t enough to stop the run, elastic run out and the fish straightened the hook and carried on with it’s day! At least I now know the carp are in my swim. Again switching my lines until again my 10m line float buried and same as previously I didn’t have any control and the hook length snapped. 25 mins to go to the all out and yes, 10m line, float buried and this time I had control of the carp took me 10 mins odd to land it but was rewarded with a nice 5lb common. Finished off with ~12lb odd which was good enough for 5th but well outside the winning weight, 65lb 12oz (Peg 1 Prospect). Had I landed the 2 carp I would have been in the mix for 3rd. My mistakes in fishing light, thinking winter means lighter, cost me. I know where I went wrong and I know how I need to remedy this. I am going to re-elasticate 4 of my top sections and re-make a selection of rigs with stronger hook length and hooks.
Bait: Burt Baits; F1 Sweet Carp 4mm and 6mm, Winter White 4mm and 6mm, Polony 2mm, F1 Sweet gb, Bream Red gb, Silver Sensations gb.

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