8/12/19 Cheshire Oaks Fishery, Ellesmere Port.

Yellow weather warning on the books for today, high winds. Wasn’t let down by the forecasters as it really was blowing and the gusts were lethal. Drew Peg 3 (permanent Peg 4) for today’s venue. I know nothing about this water so had no preconceptions as to how to approach it. Because of the wind I set 3 lines, all directly to my front;
(1) 10-12 Elastic. Left margin, GORTINI Mini Margin float, 0.18 mainline to 0.13 hook length 16 banded hook.
(2) 8-10 Elastic. 6 to 8 meters, GORTINI 4×12 round body float, 0.18 mainline to 0.13 hook length 16 F1 pellet hook.
(3) 8-10 Elastic. 14.5 meters, GORTINI 4×14 round body float, 0.18 mainline to 0.13 hook length 16 F1 pellet hook.
At the all in I didn’t feed any lines, dropped a bread disk in at the mud line and dobbed this for a minute, float disappeared but didn’t hit into whatever tried my warBURTons mighty white. Re baited and again the float disappeared, this time I had a runner! It took me for a walk right across my swim and was headed to the occupied Peg to my right, I pulled up on the pole and the hook straightened, fish 1 me 0. Dobbed for another 30 mins with no results. Switched to big red and pulled back off the mud line shelf, switched about the lines but presentation was just impossible with the wind and trying to hold the pole out at 14.5 meters was tiring. Had a swing out on the tip to the mud line with BURT BAITS Winter white 6mm on the band, BURT BAITS 50/50 choc orange, F1 sweet carp gb on the method, for an hour with no results, it did give me time to have a brew and some Branston pickle pork pies ☕🍞. Back on the pole at 14.5 meters and had a nice F1, an hour later a little Mirror then an hour later a nice 3lb Common. No dry net, 3 fish for 5lb 6oz and a thanks for coming.
Bait: BURT BAITS 4 and 6mm Winter White pellet. 50/50 Choc Orange/F1 Sweet Carp gb. 2mm F1 sweet Carp feed pellet. 6mm Expanders soaked in Winter White liquid.
I got to meet fellow BURT BAITS anglers, Ian Hayes (second in section) and David Howard (won the match) and the opportunity to fish another venue for the first time, I will be back.

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