Havannah Flash, club match. 15/12/19

I’ll start off by saying that 14oz won this 4 hours winter match, you can gauge from that the direction my blog is going to take!
The Flash was flooded and access to the Twangs was going to be a safety issue, so everyone was going to be pegged on the canal towpath, with 17 booked on this was going to be tight. Thankfully a few dropped out so pegging for 13 was required. A squeeze at best, all the platforms were under water so fishing from the bank was the plan of action. Sane people would have gone home at this point 🧜‍♂️but not us knobheads… We were there and we were going to fish 😂🤣🤣😂. Cold but no wind so the surface was mill pond smooth, there was lots of colour in the water and I just knew it was going to be hard. At the draw Peg 15, near ran to the peg in excitement, end peg and has been fishing really well during this cold spell. Set up 3 lines:
(1) 13.5m No3 Solid Elastic. GORTINI 4×14 round body, 0.13 main line to 0.06 hook length 22 wire hook. 4″ over depth.
(2) 9m No3 Solid Elastic. GORTINI 4×12 short shallow, 0.13 main line to 0.06 hook length 22 wire hook. Dead bottom.
(3) 7m whip flick tip. GORTINI 4×16 round body, 0.11 main line to 0.06 hook length 20 forged hook. 4″ over depth.
Hook bait was going to be flouro pinky or 4mm bread disks.
Bait: BURT BAITS 50/50 Silver Sensation/Natural Silvers, BURT BAITS 2mm F1 sweet Carp feed pellet, BURT BAITS 2mm Chocolate Orange pellet.
Didn’t have a bite until 30 minutes before the All Out! Consolation was that this end of the tow path only had me and Ian Alexander (Burt Baits) catch a fish all day. I even tried on the tip for an hour hoping that the bream would show, but it was a wasted hour other than giving me time to have a brew and eat my Branston Pickle Pork Pies. The rain started late afternoon which seemed to spur a couple of lads to jack it in for the day. There were as many “Did not catch” as “Did not weigh”, thankfully I was in the latter group 😂.
This was our last match on the venue before Christmas so attire and decorations had been requested. Only a couple of us turned out to look the fool!
1. 14oz Dave Lever
2. 12oz Ernie Hankinson
3. 10oz Tony Smith
4. 4oz Paul Hill

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