Happy New Year, hello 2020.

My blog has had it’s first full year of updates, ramblings and inane posts. To me it has been a success not only as a window into my presence at the bank side but also to highlight the ups and downs of this sport. It has allowed people to see me, personally, and Newton-le-Willows Anglers Association. The match results, fish stocking, available waters and numerous other tasks that normally get no mention in mainstream media.
Thank you every one who visits my blog regularly, those who find it and come back and those who find it by accident and become regular visitors.
This year alone I have had 12,275 visitors, 3,021 who found me not by direct contact through social media or invite, from 28 countries around the world. I didn’t know where Aruba was until it popped up as somewhere visitors had viewed my Blog.
I will begin my 2020 fishing where I left off in 2019, at Partridge Lakes on the open Sunday 5th January.
Thank you to those who leave positive comments and those who ‘like’ my posts.

Special thanks go to my sponsors: Brian Gort @GORTINI POLE FLOATS. and Simon Hales and his team @BURT BAITS. the members, bailiffs and committee at Newton A Asc

Have a great New Year’s eve and a fantastic 2020. Cheers 🍻🥂.

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