2020 VIRTUAL Spring League


Anglers are expected to know the stock of fish in ‘whatever’ water is being fished and to keep their reports ‘sensible’.

You will book on the day prior to the match once the venue has been picked and the thread started. A forfeit of 1 day of work party work will be assigned, once Boris allows us out to play, if you do not turn up without good reason once you have booked on.

You will be drawn your peg, social distancing and all that observed. 😷

Matches will be of a 4 hour duration, 10:00 til 14:00 and you must post at least 3 times during the match saying how (you think) you are doing, hourly weights will be published to give you a pointer. You can use archived photos in your reports. A separate thread for each match will be started on our page, only post in this page once the “All In” has been called.

Depending on numbers; 1st 2nd and 3rd will take honours. If there is a large number of ‘anglers’ then section payouts of honours will also be announced.

The matches are open to Senior, Junior and Ladies. Even your dog if they can hold a virtual rod and they have a facebook presence!

I will generate and programme an Excel script, the hourly weights will be published during the match, total weight at the All Out and winners and framers will be announced after the weigh in.

This is just for fun, taking it seriously is not allowed. Any freshwater fish can be used in your match reports.

The best post match reports will be published on my fishing blog for all the world to see.

Tuesday 14/4 Virtual Spring League Match. Yew Tree Res.

As expected directly after a Bank Holiday the numbers were low, only 10 booked on. Yew Tree was today’s venue and it is known that there are some lumps in this pond.

A tight match and so close that is was going to be hard to separate the framers.
Well done Ant H on taking the Honours with 1st, Zacc H for 2nd and John T 3rd, Warren J 4th.

Thursday 9/4 Virtual Spring League Match. Haydock Park. Draw 09:00 All In 10:00 All Out 14:00 good luck, Tight Lines.

Picked up some stragglers from last match and had 16 ‘fishing’ today. 2 ponds on the same venue, Haydock Park fishing Cow Hey Dam and Lagoon, 10 pegs on each pond. Again some great mid match reports and everyone joined in the spirit of the event.

Honours went to 1st John T and 2nd Eddie M on Cow Hey and 1st Alex R and 2nd Jeff H on Lagoon, well done fella’s.

6/4/2020 White Door Dam 14 fishing:

A fantastic turn out. 14 ‘fished’ and it was kept lighthearted and amusing considering no one knew how this would pan out. Thank you to everyone who had a go and made it a roaring success.
Thank you to Jackie Burns for throwing me under the bus by telling everyone that I “know what I am doing!!!” and volunteering me to not only host this first match but spend hours trying to programme Excel to give the results that were needed.
I think you all deserve a pat on the back for being such good sports.
Thank you to my 2 scrutineers who were alert and on hand to make sure there were no shenanigans with the random data being produced.

Congratulations: Warren J with a weight of 35lb 5oz you take the 1st place honours.

1st Warren J peg 31 35lb 5oz
2nd Chris C peg 2 32lb 2oz
3rd Ian A peg 26 31lb 8oz
4th Greg D peg 34 30lb 9oz

Next match in the V Spring League will be Thursday 9/4/2020 Cow Hey Dam 20 pegs, 2 sections, 10 on Lagoon, 10 on Cow Hey. Please book on once the thread has been started on our FB page.