Havannah Flash, Club Sweepstake 12/1/2020

erm! After the torrential rain overnight I wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t dissapointed with that thought. 11 brave men turned out in the rain to see the Flash was well up and it was a dark chocolate colour with visibility less than a foot. Plan was to keep it dead simple, so plumbed 2 lines;
( 1) 13.5m, 12 O’clock . No 3 solid elastic, GORTINI 4X12 yellow tip round body float, 0.13 mainline to 0.08 hook length 20 wire hook. Flouro pinky line, 1.9m dead bottom.
(2) 9m, 12 O’clock to 2 O’clock. No 3 solid elastic, GORTINI 4X12 black tip round body float, 0.13 mainline to 0.06 hook length 22 wire hook. Flouro pinky line, 2m dead bottom.
I also chucked out and clipped up a bomb line to the stickups @ 20m, 20mm teabags with BURT BAITS 2mm F1 Sweet Carp, 4mm Winter White and 4mm Polony Pellet mix, hook bait was bread/maggot/worm/4mm hard pellet.
That in a nutshell was the most action I seen all day. Non of my lines produced so much as a liner. It was cold, wet, windy and I was consoled in that no one else was having much luck either. Ian Alexander (Burt Baits) to my right had 5-6 macro roach in the first hour and then just the odd roach over the next 3 hours. It really was a dismal days fishing.
1lb 14oz took the spoils, 1lb 0oz took second and 10oz took the final coin. 5 of the 11 attending, including me, didn’t weigh.
In celebration of a lousy day my wife washed my salopettes for the first time in 4 years!

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