White Door Dam, club sweepstake. Sunday 23/02/2020

The club sweepstake ended up on White Door Dam today as Havannah Flash was in full flood, and after all the rain last night it was a good decision to move venues. Sorry for the inconvenience to the regulars who fish White Door.

We only occupied Beech Pool so there was room for the few pleasure anglers on Oak. The day started wet and drizzle was constant as I loaded up the car, the wind however seemed to have died off. At the draw pulled Peg 10 (Eddie’s peg) so wasn’t dissapointed at all. Set up my Peg and decided on 3 lines;

(1) 12 o’clock, 13.5m, 6 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 chianti red tip float, 0.09 main line to 0.06 hook length, 20 wire hook. 1.2m, BURT BAITS 4mm expander soaked in BURT BAITS F1 sweet Carp additive/double pinkie.
(2) 12 o’clock, 9m, 4 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 round body yellow tip float, 0.09 main line to 0.06 hook length, 18 wire hook, 1.2cm, maggot and BURT BAITS 4mm expander soaked in BURT BAITS F1 sweet Carp additive/double pinkie
(3) 12 o’clock, top2 +2, 3 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 round body red tip float, 0.08 main line to 0.05 hook length, 22 forged hook, 1.5m, pinkie.

At the all in it was dry, the rain had stopped, but the wind had got up again.Fed Burt Baits 2mm sweet f1 pellet on my 13.5m and 9m lines, dropped a small pot of pinkies on my (2) and (3) line. Started out on my 13.5m line with 4mm Burt Baits expander, doused in Choc orange spray, after 15 mins gave up on this line as it produced nothing. Pulled back to 9m, double pinkie on the hook and instantly had a roach, continued to micro feed this line and it was one a chuck. I stopped feeding and with in 5 mins it had gone dead. Started feeding again and the roach again showed up. Nothing on my (3) line all day. Lunch time I swung my tip out with a small bomb with punched bread on the hair. Had a coffee and finished off my smoked cheese butties 🥪. Switched out to corn on the hook, then hard pellet for nothing, not even a liner. Ended back on my 9m line for the rest of the day as I had resigned myself to pulling silvers as nothing else was interested. At the all out, 56 roach for 2lb 14oz. After not getting out for 2 weeks I was definitely in need of a spell on the bank side, sitting there pulling silver out didn’t bother me, I was out fishing and I was catching. It was always going to be a game of catch up as the lad dead opposite hit into and landed a ~10lb carp within 30 secs of the all in.
I was happy to get out and catch something.

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