Partridge Lakes open, Covey 1-4 and 6. Sunday 1/3/2020

Another blustery day, but hopefully dry. After a nice cup of tea and a chat with Martin Egan, who was there to do a spot of pleasure fishing, the draw. I decided to pull my tally left handed hoping for a flyer. Peg 85, well chuffed as this has shown to have been a consistent peg over the winter, so I was pretty happy……..hold that thought.

At the peg it was obvious it was going to be hard, the wind was blowing left to right straight through the swim, 20 mph with gusts of 30+mph. Setting up and my top kit roost went west 3 or 4 times, I weighted down my rollers with bungees to my bait bucket and tackle bag. At the all in I was still tidying up my top kits for the 4-5th time. I decided they were safer laid on the ground. I only set 2 lines, straight out top 2 plus 1 and 3 o’clock at 9m. I had no chance of holding for the far bank or the pallet to my right. Started off with GORTINI 4×14 but soon switched to 4×16, and to be honest these were still presenting horrible in the high wind. I had over 60cm of line from my dacron connector to the float and I was still wafting about like a blanket in the breeze. I settled for fishing top 2 plus 1 and hoped for the best. I fed this line with Burt Baits 2mm sweet f1 pellet, wetted out and then f1 pellet enhancer to really make them enticing and big red. What started off as a windy day just got windier as the hours rolled by I was constantly having to stop and retrieve something else of mine that had either blown into the water of off down the track. With a little over an hour to go I yet again had to stop my pole sections from blowing off the rollers, at this point I decided to bail as I had no intention of having to pay out out for broken pole sections. Tipped back 15 odd pound of mainly small f1 stockies and a dozen gudgeon. A great draw spoiled by horrible weather, peg 83 to 79 were sat in near mill pond conditions due to having the 2 tree covered islands as a wind break. These pegs were pulling some nice carp out!

Next Sunday back at Partridge for hopefully a better days fishing.

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