Time for the fish to move into the margins?

As a precursor of this happening I made an order with GORTINI hand made pole floats. 2 sets of mini margin, a set of 0.6g heavy margin and for good measure a set of the new and recently released 4×14 ultra, wire stem floats. I have a good selection of all GORTINI pole floats and exclusively use them in my days on the bank side. The 0.6g heavy margin were an addition to the fantastic 4×14 margin and 4×12 mini margin I have been using for the last 2 years +. The NiTi wire stem, Johny paste and 4×10 dibber are new to the inventory and enhance the already great selection of floats available from GORTINI. Today was filled by making up ‘more’ rigs with this order.

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