Partridge Lakes Open, Covey 1-4 Sunday 22/3/2020

Packing the car and there was still a chill in the air and the wind was cutting. Social distance was well observed at Partridge and the staff are doing a great job in policing the situation and the separation of match anglers was evident. Booked in and headed to the cafe, take out only but other than being in a styro box it is the same great food. Bacon on brown toast and a cup of coffee was my starters. At the draw again there was separation from contact, you name was called as it was listed on the booking sheet and your peg was pulled for you. Peg 46, bugger, Covey 2 island peg. I had a bad day last time out on this peg.

It was freezing at the peg, the sun was up but having the trees directly behind meant that it was never going to get high enough to radiate some heat to the island pegs. Wind was blowing right to left straight through the swim.

I set out 3 lines:
(1) Left Margin to pallet on 45 11m, 10 solid elastic. GORTINI 4×14 margin float, 0.19 hook length to 16 SFL-B hook 0.13 hook length. Burt Baits hook and hair 4mm sweet F1 expander and maggot.
(2) Track line 9m, 8 solid elastic. GORTINI 4×14 ultra NiTi wire stem float, 0.19 hook length to 16 SFL-B hook, 0.13 hook length. Burt Baits hook and hair 4mm sweet F1 expander and maggot.
(3) Mud line 14.5m out opposite 45 to 12’oclock 11.5m, 11-14 hollow elastic. GORTINI 0.6 Margin float, 0.19 main line to 16 SFL-B hook, 0.13 hook length. Corn and bread disks.

At the all in my plan of action was to dob out to the mud line, starting opposite 45 and work my way to 12o’clock. Then dob the left margin. Hooter goes and I stick an 8mm bread disk on and ship out to the mud line. Float settles and then takes off like a freight train, 10 mins later a nice big double common in the net. Dobbing for the next 5 mins on the mud line, sticking to opposite 45 (ish), again float settles and not expecting it, but float rockets off, 10 mins later another double common in the net. Looking good this peg so far… 30 mins later and still not another touch, fed my left margin with Burt Baits 2mm and 4mm feed pellet soaked with sweet F1 pellet enhancer. Moved to my track line and started to get mithered by gudgeon and the odd roach, it’s all weight and adds up I suppose. Spent the rest of the match switching and feeding every 20 mins or so for 4 3-4lb F1 and a brace of small mirrors, 2 dozen gudgeon/roach but the big commons had done one! Watching peg 23 at one end and peg 34 at the other having one a chuck of F1 all day re-enforced my thoughts that I had no chance of framing. The lad on 48 was having a few f1 but nothing steady and consistent. At the all out I had 37lb for nowhere and a thanks for coming, 48 had just over 20lb. I believe winning weight today was 90 odd lb. Not planning on a match next weekend, but I have the Maver Match This qualifier on Sat 4 April.

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