A weekend of cleaning.

Maver, MAP and Shimano poles washed. Hot water and a car shampoo, rinsed clean, air dried and then spritzed with silicone maintenance spray, wiped down and stored away. All luggage emptied, all the ‘stuff’ that collects in the bottom removed and binned. Hot soapy water and wiped down with a sponge, then a re-wipe down with clean water, air dried and repacked. Seatbox, stripped down to its core pieces and jet washed with car foam, then jet wash rinsed, wiped down with a microfibre cloth and air dried, re assembled. it is hard to find things to do without having to start a major project, for which we are not allowed to travel out and buy supplies. So doing things slowly and focus on making them last as long into the day as possible. If this does go on longer than the 3 weeks forecast then it really is going to be hard to find things to keep productive. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

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