Wednesday 13/5/2020 Back to fishing

The Angling Trust have done a great job putting forward a proposal to the Government which allows Anglers to get back out on the bank. This is welcome news and a big well done to the Angling Trust for pushing their proposal so vehemently.
I sadly will still be working and not free until Sunday, but that isn’t the day I will be back out. My wife, due to long term illness, is on the high risk register and is pretty much confined to the house and garden. She hasn’t been out since mid March. I will be isolating as much as is physically possible as I have been since lockdown to protect her health.

If you can get out, have a good look about and suck up the vista and take time to unwind mentally, I hope you have a great time fishing and look forward to all the tales of monsters caught.
I have managed to clean all my ‘stuff’, make far more rigs than I can possibly use and tie so many hooks I needed to buy more hook boxes (I did say I would not be tying any more hooks before this lockdown, but…). I have sorted out all my tackle and come up with a few bits and pieces for our Juniors program, just need to get them to the coaches when possible.
Tight lines, stay safe and blow off those cobwebs.

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