Another great day on Haydock Park Farm Complex. Lagoon 27/5/2020

Up bright and early again, just needing to get out and drown some maggots. Set up on the first peg on the front of the lake, opposite the peg I was on on Monday. I had 2 pints of maggot with me today and the plan was to target the silvers as the Carp and Bream seem more interested in spawning.
2 rigs set up:
1. #3 solid elastic, 3lb straight through, GORTINI 4×10 Dibber, #20 Guru F1 with maggot on the hook. 10″ depth. Fishing top 2, top 2 plus 1 and 8 meters
2. #3 solid elastic, 3lb straight through, GORTINI 4×12 short, #20 Guru F1 with maggot on the hook. 2 foot depth. 13.5 meters
Ground bait was Burt Baits 50/50 Xpander/blood worm glow. Feeding walnut size clumps every couple of minutes.
The first 20 minutes and I had 10-12 on the score board, all roach or rudd. After feeding a few more clumps of Burt Baits ground bait the skimmers showed up and these peppered with the roach and rudd kept me busy for a couple of hours.
Late morning I was getting a few hybrids ~1lb or so and a nice 2lb chub broke up the roach, rudd repeat. My hook buried and the elastic was at full stretch, put the tip in the water and waited to see what was going to be the first thing to snap. Luck had it my hook straightened and my rig returned undamaged. A quick hook swap and I was back fishing.
It slowed down after lunch, Ham and mustard on brown and a few cups of coffee, still getting bites and managed the first and only gudgeon of the day! Fishing top 2 right in under low hanging tree branches, you would have thought I would have learned my lesson on Monday!!, the GORTINI dibber shot off like a scalded cat and my #3 elastic was well and truly tested, first thought was I had a carp, but the fight didn’t last too long and I thought it may be one of the big chub we have in this water. Played the fish for a while not wanting to bully it on such light tackle. Got it’s head up and it was a bream. Nice ~3.5 4 lb beauty. Getting on for 1/4 to 4 and I was going to fish until 4. Again my float buried, shipping sections on to my top 2 as quick as I could the elastic was at full stretch, put my tip in the water and this time the hook let go, rig back safe minus the hook. Decided this was a good opportunity to pack up for the day. 60 fish in the bag, not a shabby day.
Another day with the GORTINI Dibber and again I am impressed with this little gem of a float, this is becoming a firm favourite.

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