Club Match, Summer League, Havannah Flash, 28/6/2020.

It was a wet and windy one today! Rain was forecast so it wasn’t a surprise it was raining on and off during set up and at the All in. Wasn’t expecting the high winds, massive gusts and torrential rain though! All in 10:00. Less than 5 mins in had a nice perch and 2 small blades, on the 4m whip. That was it for the next 30 odd minutes. Switched to a waggler and chucked out to 18m with a half dendra on the hook hoping to find the Bream that patrol out at that distance. Stayed on the waggler for 25 mins without any indications, hybrid feeder out to 20m with Burt Baits 2mm feed pellet soaked overnight in F1 sweet enhancer, dendra on the hook. Nothing, nada! Came back on the 4m line with a top 2 +1, #2 elastic 0.09 mainline to 0.06 hook length #20 SWL hook. GORTINI 4×10 dibber, 24″ with single maggot. Trying to see if they were up in the water, moving up 6″ every 5 mins until at 6″ for nothing. Pulled out to 30″ and the float buried and the elastic was about 10m from my topkit! Started to reel in some elastic on the side puller and could see the slimy little barsteward trying to get to the lily pad and snag me, eel! yuck. 3 attempts with the net and I had it in and unhooked and in the keepnet. This is when the wind and rain really started to come down in torrents. Huddled up, got the whip out and stayed on this line for most the rest of the day, I had no indications on any other line. Took another ~1lb eel on the flick tip and a couple of more blades and a roach. 7 in total for the day! Diabolical conditions and fared no better than those anglers to my left and right, we all had a mare of a day with an average of just over a pound. Brolly got blown inside out a few times, on the 3rd time 2 of the tines got ripped out of the stay and that was it for the brolly, collapsed it and threw it to the back of my peg, roughed it in the rain from then on. Weighed in with 1lb 8oz. I am sure there were spells where the ducks were laughing at us from the cover of the trees to our backs. Fingers crossed for the golden peg draw later, for some funds.

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