Partridge Lakes Open, Sunday 5/7/2020.

Covey 1 Peg 21, Island Peg.

Forecasted for rain and high wind and not dissapointed as it was as expected. Rain drops the size of cup cakes and wind blowing constantly left to right straight through the spit with some huge gusts, no chance of putting a brolly up. Couldn’t present at anything over top2 +1 or right margin. Peg 20 was in and I was told this would kill off my peg and my best bet was to fish to the next pallet right and hope that the F1’s and carp were holed up there, not to be though.
2 lines today:
1. Top 2 +1 in front of my nets, 8-10 elastic, GORTINI 4×10 Dibber, 0.16 mainline to 0.11 hooklength, #16SWL hook, Burt Baits hook and hair expander and/or maggot. 6″-18″.
2. 10m right margin, to next pallet, 10-12 elastic, GARTINI 4×14 Margin float, 0.16 mainline to 0.13 hooklength #15 SWL hook, Burt Baits hook and hair expander and/or maggot. 2foot.
I had made up 2 small tubs of Burt Baits 6mm expander, 1 soaked in Burt Baits F1 sweet and 1 soaked in Burt Baits krill liquid. Maggot was Big red and White.
I used my top kits I had re-elasticated with the Nu-fish Zipp elastic range, well impressed with the quality and control these elastics gave me. Had 2 foul hooked carp on the 8-10 which took me for good runs, lost one under the pallet to my right and one shot off through peg 20’s swim before losing the hook, not good for Angler relations stuffing up someone else’s swim!! Stretches a bit that 8-10 🙄. Pallet to my right was occupied by gudgeon, perch and the odd small F1 and Mirror, everything else was caught shallow in front of my nets. 28 fish for a paltry 10lb odd.

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