Partridge Lakes, Monday 12/7/2020. A full day with Chris Weeder Jnr, learning.

Overcast day and threat of rain, which didn’t happen, fishing 10:30 until 17:30. Hooray 😍 . Met up at the tackle shop and moved off to Covey 4 Peg 99, an island peg 🤯, not been having too much luck on these island pegs, but with a great tutor I should do OK I hope. Chris got me to set up as I normally would and then went over my top kits and rigs, generally have a good laugh! Several small issues but nothing a Dremel can’t sort!! Started off on a left edge line, going through the mechanics and method to best approach how to set the rig up, how to plumb up to find the ideal levels to fish and where to cup the GB in and how this will determine how the fish will enter the swim. Set up a margin rig and then went through how to lay the rig in for the best presentation. 3 white maggot on a 14 hook, laid the rig in allowed it to settle and then STRIKE, first fish in the net in less than 1 minute. Nice carp. Rinse repeat for the next few hours, talking through presentation as I was getting lazy as I became more confident and complacent as time went on. Prepped and fished this edge for most of the day, changing from GB to soaked micro’s and 3 maggot on the hook, the F1’s were there and some of them were big old warriors, but the carp had moved away or were just not interested in GB or micro’s and maggot. Swapped over to potting in micro’s with corn on the hook, this did the trick and I started to pull in the Carp. Missed a few, lost a few and had some foul hookers but talked through how and why with Chris and I then started to get them hooked correctly and putting them in the nets, yep nets. Late afternoon moved on to hard pellet in 5 foot over a slope on hard bottom. Feeding 4mm hard pellet, 2 and 2 as I laid the rig in, #20 hook with a banded 4mm pellet. Every hooked fish feed 4 then 4 pellet this was producing some good stockies and a few big F1’s. I put 2 nets in at the start of the day and would have had weight penalties on both had it been a match weigh in. Net 1 had 65-70lb and net 2 had 70-75lb by far the largest weights I have had out of Partridge Lakes. A great day, a fantastic tutor, some amazing Carp and F1’s and beautiful surroundings. Now to put all this practise into a match and improve my fishing.
“Hook the fish, feed 4, feed 4, land the fish”. “Hook the fish, feed 4, feed 4, land the fish”. Going to go to sleep with that going round in my head tonight.

Some of these big ‘ol F1’s only just fit.

Net No 1.

Net No 2. Need a younger man to pull my nets out!

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