Havannah Flash 26/7/2020. Club Match, Summer League.

A weird start to the day, Bernadette didn’t see one of the young birds on the wire before she opened the outside Aviary door and it took the opportunity to fly out and away! So I had her feelings on my mind and almost cried off the match to make sure she was OK, but she insisted I go fishing as there was nothing either of us can do now the bird was gone. Got drawn peg 16, on the towpath front so my head went down straight away, I’m not comfortable fishing the towpath as there are just too many distractions with cyclists, runners and people walking their dogs etc. This is why I don’t fish any of the canal matches, it just puts me on edge, you get hemmed in with having so little space and have to adapt shipping back to splitting your sections so not to block the towpath or risk having your pole crossing the path with the chances some knob on a bike will be travelling too fast and not stop! Anyway; set up 4 lines:
1. 4m whip fishing shallow, 0.11 to #22 hook pinkie or white maggot.
2. 9m, 3-5 elastic, shallow, GORTINI 4×10 dibber, 0.11 main line to 0.09 and #20 hook, pinkie or white maggot.
3. 7m, 3-5 elastic, off to my right to the rushes, GORTINI 4×12 round body float, 0.11 mail line to 0.09 and #20 hook, worm, pinkie or white maggot.
4. 10m 6-8 elastic, off to my right 2′ from the rushes margin, GORTINI 4×10 dibber, 0.11 main line to 0.09 and #20 hook, worm, pinkie or white maggot.
At the All In I started off on the whip, feeding 8-10 white maggot/pinkie and getting a bite a chuck, but these were tiny roach and blades. Stayed on this line for 30 mins and switched to my short margin with a worm head on the hook, potting in Burt Baits Worm Slop, hoping this will bring in the skimmers or bream, not to be had many missed bites which I think were tiny roach just grabbing the worm head. Had the same on my long margin line the skimmers and bream just were not in my swim. Spent the last 2 hours on my whip, fishing 5-7m and picking off blades a few roach and 2 small skimmers. All out seen me with 83 netted for 3lb 11oz, which was a pound more than I thought I had. Another “thanks for coming” but still a chance of drawing the golden peg later and getting some beer tokens for my efforts. I had mixed up a small amount of Burt Baits Darkside groundbait to use on my method feeder, but never got round to having a chuck. The Burt Baits Worm Slop smelled of Worms amazingly, mixed it to the same consistency as Burt Baits splash mix, it clouded the water well and kept it coloured for a good few minutes after potting it in, fishing maggot/ worm through the cloud had the fish biting, just the wrong size fish today.

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