Partridge Lakes, Marsh ‘Canal’ 9/8/2020. Today was a learning day.

Had a day of pleasure/learning today. An opportunity for some paste fishing with a bit of coaching off one of the Partridge lakes regulars. Marsh isn’t the best water for this but it was the only one available today and the whole complex was pretty much pegged out by 08:30.
Set up 2 lines for paste;
1. 7m down the track, 10-12 elastic, 4 foot of water, GORTINI 4X12 Johny Paste float, SWL #14 hook. Burt Baits Nut Blend paste.
2. Right margin, top 2 plus short 4, 10-12 elastic, 20 inches of water, GORTINI 4×12 Johny Paste float, SWL #14 hook. Burt Baits Nut Blend paste.
Started off on my 7m line and it was extremely slow, with the paste I was feeding 10-15 Burt Baits 6mm F1 sweet carp pellet. Load of liners and lots of waiting. The first fish was a nice skimmer, which was unexpected. A slow day but lots of tweaking my approach and presentation. 13-14 Skimmer, small F1 and big roach on my 7m line. During the day I wasn’t getting anything on my margin line, but come the last hour I decided to concentrate on this line and managed a nice 7-8lb mirror and the elusive one that got away. A leisurely lunch of Branston pickle topped pork pies and copious cups of coffee which made a nice change from grabbing a bite here and there in match mode.

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