Partridge Lakes, Sunday Open, Covey 3 Peg 75.

What a difference a couple of days and a change of weather can make. Yesterday this peg had 212lb odd and Peg 50 across had 235lb odd on Thursday. Today it just turned off as did Covey 1,2 and 4. Drop in air pressure and torrential rain for 30 mins may just have stopped the fish feeding up in the water. I didn’t catch Carp or F1 shallow today, the odd Ide and big Roach. The wind was weird it would keep changing direction and didn’t really put a lot of ripple on the surface, large spells of mill pond flat calm then a blow for half hour then wind would then change! Most of my fish were taken in 4 foot of water on hard pellet. Set up 4 lines today;
1. left margin, 5m hard up against the bank, 24″. 10-12 elastic, GORTINI 4X12 Margin float, 0.19 mainline to 0.11 SWL 16 hook. Changed this to a 0.16 SWL 14. 3 maggot/paste/corn
2. 9m left of centre, hard pellet line fishing off the slope, 4 foot, 16 elastic, GORTINI 4×12 NiTi wire stem float, 0.19 main line to 0.16 SWL 20 with a Maver butterfly bead band. Burt Baits 4mm F1 Sweet pellet.
3. 7-11m track line, shallow 18-24″, 10-12 elastic, GORTINI 4×10 chianti style float, 0.19 mainline to 0.13 SWL 16 hook. 3 maggot on the hook.
4. Mud Line 13m, 12″ shelf, 8-10 elastic, 0.19 mainline to 0.13 SWL 16. Maggot/paste/corn on the hook.
At the all in I fed my margin and mud line with 2 balls of Burt Baits X-pander groundbait each. chucked a hand full of caster to 7m and started on my shallow line, had an Ide within seconds and a brace of roach next put in, then it went quiet. Stuck a nugget of paste, Burt Baits Nut Blend, and dropped in the left margin, not prepared! elastic took off and kept going, dropped the pole tip in the water and waited for the snap, I could feel the float coming back and when I lifted out the hook was gone. Changed to a SWL 14 on 0.16 hook length. This margin produced a few F1 and a little common until it went quiet. Rotated though my lines and was picking up the odd F1 here and there. Last hour and a half I concentrated on my hard pellet line as this had been steady most of the match. Had a nice double common (~12-14lb) this came with someone else’s complete shallow rig still attached in the side of it’s mouth. It wasn’t a GORTINI float, so no good to me šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. A good day and although my weight was good I was pipped to the section win by peg 73 – 66lb to my 47lb. Happy with the result and amazed how low the weights were off covey 1 through 4 considering this week had seen great weigh in’s. 76lb and 44lb took the honours on the other sections.

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