Partridge Lakes, Sunday Open 6/8/2020. Covey 1 Peg 20, on an Island again.

I can put my bridesmaid outfit away, today I am the Bride. Won my section and the lake. 89lb 1oz had me reaping the honours, with 87lb something taking the other section off Peg 10.
19:30 Update, Peg 10 got 97 odd not 87 as I was told. Still got the section though.
A nice start to the day, the sun was out and there was little wind. Peg 21 was in so I had to keep the feed going and stop the carp moving past me to peg 21. I had soaked my 2mm and 4mm Burt Baits pellets in F1 sweet pellet enhancer yesterday in preparation, so I was feeding them dripping with more Burt Baits F1 sweet soak.
3 lines today:
1. Shallow, 12″ and 18″ GORTINI 4×10 chianti, 0.18 straight through, #12 SWL hook, Maver bowtie band to Burt Baits 6mm F1 sweet pellet. Feeding caster and Burt Baits 4mm F1 sweet pellet.
2. In front of my nets, 4′ GORTINI 4×12 NiTi wire stem chianti, 0.18 mainline, 3″ hook length 0.13 to #20 SWL hook, Maver bowtie band to Burt Baits 4mm F1 sweet pellet. Feeding Burt Baits 4mm F1 sweet pellet.
3. Edge, 24″ started out at 14.5m and drew back to 9m GORTINI 4×14 Margin, 0.18 mainline, 3″ hook length 0.13 to #16 SWL hook, 3 white maggot. Feeding Burt Baits 4mm F1 sweet pellet, Burt Baits 2mm F1 sweet pellet and Burt Baits X-pander ground bait. All dripping with Burt Baits F1 sweet pellet enhancer.
Before the all in, I got a phone call off Ian Welsh one of the Partridge regulars, passed some good advice on fishing this peg and tactics to employ. Cheers Ian, you are a star.
At the all in, fed my margin @14.5m with 2 big lumps of ground bait. Tried my hand shallow, just to see if they were up in the water. As per the advise off Ian, they weren’t but it gave the carp enough time to move in on my feed in the margin. After 10 mins of nothing I switched to my margin line and pulled a nice 2lb F1 first drop in. Moved the feed back towards me every other fish to get them feeding at a manageable 9m. Stayed on this line for the rest of the day, had a couple of foul hooked fish while dropping my feed in off the cad pot and missed a few. Tally for the day was 21 Carp and 2 F1’s. 2 of the Carp were well into 12lb+ and most were over 6lb, the last fish of the day was a stunning 15lb common which took an age to net as I wasn’t going to rush it with only 10 mins to the All Out.
I will have to wait for the full results off the complex as Covey 1-4 and 6 were fishing today. Took the section and Lake but have no idea how the other lakes have done yet.

This was Net 3 of 3 at the weigh in.

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