About me.

I joined Newton AA in Oct of 2015, I had fished before as a kid and during my years in the Army,  I had also represented the Army in Inter Service and other event matches.

I had a total lay over once I finished in the Army and concentrated on finding and maintaining a new career. Once I was fully settled I tried several activities to fill my spare time with, including the building and flying of Radio Controlled Aircraft, this was rewarding and even seen me cross the pond to participate in events. I found the club life far too political and events happened that made me leave this hobby and the inconsistencies that was being displayed in club life. So, for a year or so I was just festering, doing nothing productive with my life. Fishing! done it as a kid, done it in the Army, yep Fishing is what I needed to do. Went out and bought some basic and rudimentary bits of kit to get me going. Now, where can I fish? Tried some local ponds but they were in city parks and plagued with litter, poor quality fish and some really dodgy characters! Although I had a downer on club life I knew I would have to embrace a club to find the waters that would satisfy my needs, I also needed mentors as equipment, tactics and bait had moved on  since the last time I went maggot drowning.

After speaking with angling shop staff and those that frequent the shops partaking in a hot beverage, it was suggested I join Newton-Le-Willows AA, pretty local, a great selection of waters and some great guy’s to sit and shoot the breeze with. I did a few day ticket visits at Moathouse to gauge the level of truth in my previous conversations. Found some really knowledgeable folk who were not adverse to administering good solid advice and methods. So I joined, it was the end of the year but was happy to see the permits run until April the following year.

I seen on the website that there were work parties taking place and took this opportunity to introduce myself to the members there, I had a great time and was accepted and acknowledged as if I had been a member for years. I knew then, just from that 3 hours of graft that I had made the correct judgement in joining Newton Angling Association. I enjoy the time the banter and commitment of the work parties and see it as another activity of being a member.

In early 2018 I was asked to join the Bailiff team as a reward for my continued efforts in the work parties and as another string to my bow as a committed member wanting to give back and see the club and membership grow.

This last AGM (2018) I was elected on to the committee and I hope I can serve the members and the club to grow and promote Newton AA.

This is why I have started this blog journey, join me and I hope you find the information I put up interesting.

2019 has been a year where I have stepped up my match attendance, other than the canal matches I have pretty much entered all the club matches and I have even managed to frame in quite a few and win one of them 🤩.
3/8/19. I have been accepted as a sponsored angler with Gortini handmade pole floats. I am grateful and excited at the prospect of increasing my visibility in the fishing community and help promote a business, and it’s owner, that I have total confidence in.

4/10/19 Another huge milestone in my fishing presence. I have been accepted as a sponsored angler by Burt Baits. I am hugely honoured to be selected to promote and support Burt Baits and the sponsored anglers who are part of this team. I was introduced to Burt Baits by a fellow angler and friend Ian Alexander, who is also a member of Newton-le-Willows Anglers association and a Burt Baits sponsored team member. I have used the Burt Baits products since that introduction and have promoted them as my bait of choice in my Blog. This is huge for me and I hope I can promote Burt Baits as my sponsor and as a bait supplier who constantly display that their product is raising the game on the bank side.


I have entered the Maver Match This tournament. There is a series of qualifiers that I must attend and get the result that will put me through to the final. 

The top three individuals from each event will qualify for the Maver British Pole Championships to be held at Maver Dynamite Hayfield Lakes on Saturday 15th August 2020.

The Maver “MEGA MATCH THIS” FINAL will be held at Maver Dynamite Hayfield Lakes on Saturday 29th August 2020

This is my first ever attempt at a huge competition like this and I know there are far better anglers out there than me. I however am looking forward to the qualifier on Partridge Lakes, 4th April, and luck and a good peg is all I ask for.