Club Match, Summer League, Havannah Flash, 28/6/2020.

It was a wet and windy one today! Rain was forecast so it wasn’t a surprise it was raining on and off during set up and at the All in. Wasn’t expecting the high winds, massive gusts and torrential rain though! All in 10:00. Less than 5 mins in had a nice perch and 2 small blades, on the 4m whip. That was it for the next 30 odd minutes. Switched to a waggler and chucked out to 18m with a half dendra on the hook hoping to find the Bream that patrol out at that distance. Stayed on the waggler for 25 mins without any indications, hybrid feeder out to 20m with Burt Baits 2mm feed pellet soaked overnight in F1 sweet enhancer, dendra on the hook. Nothing, nada! Came back on the 4m line with a top 2 +1, #2 elastic 0.09 mainline to 0.06 hook length #20 SWL hook. GORTINI 4×10 dibber, 24″ with single maggot. Trying to see if they were up in the water, moving up 6″ every 5 mins until at 6″ for nothing. Pulled out to 30″ and the float buried and the elastic was about 10m from my topkit! Started to reel in some elastic on the side puller and could see the slimy little barsteward trying to get to the lily pad and snag me, eel! yuck. 3 attempts with the net and I had it in and unhooked and in the keepnet. This is when the wind and rain really started to come down in torrents. Huddled up, got the whip out and stayed on this line for most the rest of the day, I had no indications on any other line. Took another ~1lb eel on the flick tip and a couple of more blades and a roach. 7 in total for the day! Diabolical conditions and fared no better than those anglers to my left and right, we all had a mare of a day with an average of just over a pound. Brolly got blown inside out a few times, on the 3rd time 2 of the tines got ripped out of the stay and that was it for the brolly, collapsed it and threw it to the back of my peg, roughed it in the rain from then on. Weighed in with 1lb 8oz. I am sure there were spells where the ducks were laughing at us from the cover of the trees to our backs. Fingers crossed for the golden peg draw later, for some funds.

Partridge Lakes Open. Covey 3 Peg 73. 21/6/20.

20% chance of rain today – which means there is an 80% chance it wont. 🔆 It didn’t, hooray.
Turned up early giving me enough time for a bacon barm and a cup of coffee before booking on and getting my peg. I had peg 73 on covey 3 picked and knowing it to be an island peg wasn’t too chuffed. Had an update off fellow Burt Baits angler Stewart Jolly that he had 90lb off this peg, shallow down the track and straight across, so that was going to be my plan of attack.
Set 4 lines:
1. Left margin. 13.5m to the the vacant platform. GORTINI margin float. 0.16 mainline to 0.11 hook length to SWL #16 hook. Burt Baits 4mm hook and hair F1 expander and corn. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits 50/50 Krill/X-pander ground bait.
2. 9m straight out. GORTINI 4×12 round body, on the deck. 0.16 mainline to 0.11 hook length to SWL #16 hook. tipple maggot. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits 50/50 Krill/Xpander ground bait and maggot.
3. 9m straight out. GORTINI 4×10 Dibber, 6″ to 18″. 0.16 mainline to 0.11 hook length to SWL #16 hook. tipple maggot. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits 50/50 Krill/Xpander ground bait mixed to a sloppy paste and maggot.
4. Mud line 12 – 13.5m. GORTINI margin float, 24″. 0.16 mainline to 0.11 hook length to SWL #16 hook. Burt Baits 4mm hook and hair F1 expander, corn and maggot. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits 50/50 Krill/X-pander ground bait.
Fed the left margin with a couple of cups of Burt Baits ground bait 50/50 Krill/Xpander and corn. Started off on the mud line for nothing in 20 minutes, switched to my left margin and had nothing with corn, switched to triple maggot and had a nice 1.5lb F1, stayed on this line for 40 mins picking off several F1 all under 2lb. I was hand feeding the 9m line with maggot while fishing the left margin. Went out with the GORTINI 4×12 on the deck and this was quickly seen to be doing nothing, I could see the F1’s coming up in the water to intercept the hand fed maggot, switched to the GORTINI 4×10 dibber @ 18″ and had 2 or 3 in the next 20 mins, I could see the F1 coming up for the maggot I was hand feeding but not really interested by the hook bait at @18″ pulled up to 12″ and then 6″ where I was getting some good mirror and common along with the F1’s. Rotated my lines during the match and my clicker had ~45lb, not a huge haul but I was happy with that. All out sounded and I started to pack up. As the weigh team came towards my peg I released my net and like a clutz I stood on my EPS bait box I have full of water and slipped, my right foot and leg went in and I let go of my net so I could grab my box and stop myself falling in!! Got my net back and lost all but 12lb odd of fish. I wasn’t going to break the scales anyway and was no where in the rankings, but haste and clumsiness just let me down.

Havannah Flash, St Helens. 14/6/20.

The thunder storms we had last night and through the night put paid to the good weights coming out of this water the last few weeks. It was hard for everyone, just 6lb 9oz taking the glory! I was drawn Peg 4 today, not a shabby place to sit and it has been fishing well for the last 2 weeks or so. Pegging on the front of the flash can be dodgy as there is a packed stone track running parallel to the water and it gets busy with fat men in Lycra so you really do have to be aware all the time about your pole and shipping back as some of them are the same one’s who don’t stop for red lights either! This was a well anticipated start to the Summer League and more than me were looking forward to a good days silver fishing. 25 anglers booked on which for this water is amazing, last year we were getting maybe 10. 3 pole lines and feeder rod today:
1. 4m whip, flick tip, slider float set up and dotted to 2mm as it was calm. #20 SWL hook, white maggot and hemp as hook bait. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits natural silver ground bait @6m.
2. 3-4 solid elastic, @9m, 0.09 main line, GORTINI 4X12 round body float to 0.06 hook length to #20 SWL hook, caster, white maggot and hemp as hook bait. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits natural silvers ground bait.
3. 4-6 solid elastic, @13.5m, 0.09 main line, GORTINI 4×12 round body float to 0.06 hook length to #20 SWL hook, caster, white maggot and hemp as hook bait. Feeding nuggets of Burt Baits natural silvers ground bait.
Feeder rod @19m hybrid feeder, worm and sweet corn as hook bait.
Started off on the whip after hand feeding a bit of ground bait and hemp. Tiny roach first put in, skimmer and then nice size roach within 10 mins. Thought I was on a flyer, for the next 4 hours and 50 minutes I didn’t even have a bite on any lines or my feeder. I could see the pike patrolling the swim and with these pike and the change in air pressure due to the storm, this end of the Flash was dead, My 12oz was pathetic! Peg 3 didn’t have a bite all match and Peg 2 had a few bits and an eel. No one was really doing anything, the winning weight was only 2 Small bream and an eel with bits. That’s fishing!

Partridge Lakes, Sunday Open, Covey 1-4 &6 7/6/20

Today was always going to be difficult. Due to a bit of a family emergency on Saturday late evening I didn’t get home until 05:20 on Sunday morning from Whiston Hospital A&E. I wasn’t really up for this and almost never attended in favour of some sleep. Anyway, rocked up at 09:00 as per the fishery Covid-19 instructions, only to find that most everyone had rocked up early and there was no parking spaces on the Covey road. Thankfully I had been drawn Peg 40 Covey 2 so not to much of a walk from the main car park. Started to rain as soon as I started to set up, thankfully it stopped just 5 minutes before the hooter for All In sounded. I had an aerator and cables to my right so pretty much had no margin or mud line on that side. Set 3 tracks:
1. 7m out front, 8-10 elastic, 0.16 mainline, 0.11 hook length to Preston SWL #16 hook. GORTINI 4×10 Dibber. Shallow Maggot
7m out front, 8-10 elastic, 0.16 mainline, 0.11 hook length to Preston SWL #14 hook. GORTINI Johny paste.
2. 13.5m right margin, 8-10 elastic, 0.16 mainline to 0.13 hook length to Preston SWL #16 hook. GORTINI Mini Margin. Burt Baits Hook and Hair 6mm sweet F1 expander.
3. 12m mud line, 10-12 elastic, 0.16 mainline to 0.13 hook length to Preston SWL #16 hook. GORTINI Mini Margin. Maggot Burt Baits Hook and Hair 4 and 6mm sweet F1 expander.
Forgot my sweet corn, hemp, bread and meat! Still in the fridge.
Had a single F1 and 5 common with a couple of roach for 14lb 9oz. All the carp were caught on my right margin track. A bad days fishing with the consolation that the peg to my right tipped back with 8 small F1 for even less than I had. Peg to my left was pulling them out 1 a chuck almost for 80 odd lb and a section win. Seems none of the path pegs did any serious weights just the end Pegs, and that is the end of my excuses.

Moathouse Farm Fisheries

This is a privately owned venue, consists of:

Mallard Pool, a doughnut shaped lake with Common, Crucian, Mirror and Ide Carp. As well as a good selection of silvers and some nice Tench. This Pool fishes well all year round and has easy access from the car park.

Heron Pool, a square pool with a horse shoe feature in the back third of the lake. Again stocked with Carp varieties as well as silvers and Tench. A great pool for tip fishing, very few snags and lends itself for those times you need to hone your rod skills.

Teal Pool, another doughnut. dug new this year, it has been closed to fishing throughout the year to allow things to settle and get established. It is open for fishing from Sat 10 November. It has been stocked with Carp, F1’s and silvers.

All pools can be fished for free by Newton AA permit holders and day ticket by non permit holders (currently £5 for Adults and £3 for Juniors). Permits and day tickets are checked throughout the day by the owners and Newton AA appointed Bailiffs. Please read the rules of the waters as the owners operate a zero tolerance for offenders.


Moathouse Farm Fisheries, Burtonwood.



Leigh, Tackle and Bait

After my clutz moment on the bank yesterday and needing new pole sections I was internet shopping. Another member said to give these a bell as they are very price competitive and will go the extra mile to make you happy. I had business in Manchester this morning, during a break I gave them a bell and they said best thing would be to pop in and get a price on No 3,4 and 6 sections.  After my meeting I popped to Leigh T&B, somewhere I have not been to before as it is out the way for me normally. They phoned their supplier and got the prices, all offered to me at “mates rates” and to top it off they split a new 101 2g pole to get me the sections there and then and they would wait for delivery to make the shop pole back right. Even put the sections in a 3″ rod tube and didn’t charge me for it. For my fishing ‘stuff’ I do normally buy all my small items, maggots and dry bait at my local tackle shop, but I will now keep Leigh T&B on my radar. Thanks guys, I appreciate the great service.

4/11/18 Havannah flash match

Newton-Le-Willows members only.

Today’s match on Havannah Flash was a success, over 10 participants and the weather was kind. For me personally not so good, I drew an end peg right up the top end of the first leg. Water was gin clear and I was disheartened to see the pike patrolling between the 2 pegs to my left and same on the right. Tried hard but ended the day with a single perch and 2 small roach. I fished the full sweep of my peg at 4 different distances and even right in close to the margins, the 3 fish I had were the only bites, switched to tip rod to see if I could get something right off the bottom, no joy there either.
late into the match I got up off my box to change a rig, didn’t see the gap between the platform and the bank too much long grass! My foot went in and I lost my balance, falling and grabbing for my box I managed to just push it off the platform sliding in beside it on my left side, everything on my side tray ended up in the water at my feet. I landed on my pole, No 3, 4 and 6 sections are toast as is the second section on my cupping kit. The small roller I have sat by my box for spare sections got knocked over and one of the legs stuck me in the right buttock!!! I have several grazes on my left leg and a huge bruise on my arse. Got to go looking for spare sections for my pole or bite the bullet and buy a new one. Not going to let it dampen my spirits and I will be looking forward to the next match on ‘The Flash’.
1st Ian Alexander ( oldham ) peg 17 … 9lb 8oz ( all roach &;skimmers on pole with pinky/squatt )
2nd Ray Roughley ( newton ), peg 26 … 6lb 0oz ( all roach &;skimmers on pole and big maggot )
3rd Nigel Letford ( st Helens ) peg 16 …. 5lb 0oz ( all roach and skimmers punch bread and pinkies )
4th Chris Grehan ( warrington ) peg 18 …. 3lb 6oz ( all roach and skimmers on punch bread )
Me! single perch and 2 roach, DNW.
Photo’s coutesy of Derek Littler.
Preliminary seach on-line suggests that it will cost near £200 to replace the broken sections. Ouch!