3rd Outing this week 🤩 Today I ventured out to Newton-le-Willows, Lyme and Wood Country Park.

This Country Park encloses 3 of the 19 waters on our club permit. Ron Hassall Pool, Lyme pool and Wood Pool. Today I fished Lyme Pool, this is only my second time on this water.
Rocked up nice and early, I put it down to these beautiful sunny mornings we are having a spell of.
Set up on the back side of the pool, middle peg. There is some good F1 sport in this water by all accounts and a few Barbel as well. 2 lines:
1. Mud Line 9 meters, 8-10 Slick elastic, 0.16 through to 0.11 hook length, 16 Preston SWL hook. GORTINI Mini Margin, maggot or Burt Baits 4mm Polony hook or hair expanders.
2. Track line 9 to 3 o’clock, 6-8 Slick elastic, 0.16 through to 0.11 hook length 18 Preston SWL hook. GORTINI 4X14 Round Body float, maggot or Burt Baits 4mm Polony hook or hair expanders.
Feeding a mix 70/30 of Burt Baits Stillwater Silver Stimul8tor/X-pander.
Started off on the mud line and it only took 3-4 mins and the first 4lb F1 was in the bag. The rest of the early morning was pretty much a busy period. 6F1, 11 Crucian Carp and 11 Tench, peppered with the odd good stamp roach throughout the day. Switching about on the track line mixed in with Roach, Rudd and Perch was a brace of Chubb to 2 lb. The Barbel never showed. Fishing the mud line I got dragged into the reeds and snags, lost a GORTINI mini margin! Lost a few hooks and had a hook straightened. It was a busy few hours, finished with 76 and no bait left. Early dart home then!

Some of the days catch.

Another great day on Haydock Park Farm Complex. Lagoon 27/5/2020

Up bright and early again, just needing to get out and drown some maggots. Set up on the first peg on the front of the lake, opposite the peg I was on on Monday. I had 2 pints of maggot with me today and the plan was to target the silvers as the Carp and Bream seem more interested in spawning.
2 rigs set up:
1. #3 solid elastic, 3lb straight through, GORTINI 4×10 Dibber, #20 Guru F1 with maggot on the hook. 10″ depth. Fishing top 2, top 2 plus 1 and 8 meters
2. #3 solid elastic, 3lb straight through, GORTINI 4×12 short, #20 Guru F1 with maggot on the hook. 2 foot depth. 13.5 meters
Ground bait was Burt Baits 50/50 Xpander/blood worm glow. Feeding walnut size clumps every couple of minutes.
The first 20 minutes and I had 10-12 on the score board, all roach or rudd. After feeding a few more clumps of Burt Baits ground bait the skimmers showed up and these peppered with the roach and rudd kept me busy for a couple of hours.
Late morning I was getting a few hybrids ~1lb or so and a nice 2lb chub broke up the roach, rudd repeat. My hook buried and the elastic was at full stretch, put the tip in the water and waited to see what was going to be the first thing to snap. Luck had it my hook straightened and my rig returned undamaged. A quick hook swap and I was back fishing.
It slowed down after lunch, Ham and mustard on brown and a few cups of coffee, still getting bites and managed the first and only gudgeon of the day! Fishing top 2 right in under low hanging tree branches, you would have thought I would have learned my lesson on Monday!!, the GORTINI dibber shot off like a scalded cat and my #3 elastic was well and truly tested, first thought was I had a carp, but the fight didn’t last too long and I thought it may be one of the big chub we have in this water. Played the fish for a while not wanting to bully it on such light tackle. Got it’s head up and it was a bream. Nice ~3.5 4 lb beauty. Getting on for 1/4 to 4 and I was going to fish until 4. Again my float buried, shipping sections on to my top 2 as quick as I could the elastic was at full stretch, put my tip in the water and this time the hook let go, rig back safe minus the hook. Decided this was a good opportunity to pack up for the day. 60 fish in the bag, not a shabby day.
Another day with the GORTINI Dibber and again I am impressed with this little gem of a float, this is becoming a firm favourite.

Haydock Park Farm. Lagoon 25/5/2020

My first outing since this lockdown has allowed us out to go fishing. It was my intention to fish Cow Hey Dam on this complex today as I had no maggot or pinkie, and Lagoon is not the best water to fish without the little buggers. Rolled up at 7:30 ish and Jimmy C had beat me down the track and opened the gate. Surprised to see the car park 3/4 full. A quick recce on Cow Hey showed that it was not going to be possible without making the trek to the far side pegs in the woods. So Lagoon it was, I settled down on the fist peg on the back of the lake. I started off on my 4m whip, set up as a sliding rig with most of the weight down by the hook length to make it easier to to swing out a good distance. Fished dead bottom with 2mm expander soaked in Burt Baits Polony liquid. Fed the swim with hemp and Burt Baits 50/50 Xpander/sweet F1 ground bait. Not a touch for over an hour so switched to the tip rod with a banjo feeder, corn on the hook and the Burt Baits ground bait mix in the banjo. A few liners but again nothing showing. Decided to set up my pole and fish a GORTINI 4X10 Dibber shallow out at 10m this produced me 3 large Roach and 3 skimmers. Had an hour for lunch, sausage on brown and a couple of cups of coffee, there was not rush to get back as it was slow going in the morning. I switched to my right margin, under a low hanging tree, just tempting fate here!! Pulled in to 2 foot depth, top 2 plus1, started quite well with a fair few Roach and Rudd. Feeding walnut size nuggets every 5 mins kept the fish there and I was really starting to enjoy the day. Started to see some swirls close in, tried my luck at getting in right under the branches and the float disappeared and the line tightened, landed a nice ~3lb Bream, foul hooked in it’s pectoral fin, so they were swimming even shallower than 2 foot. Took 6″ out of the depth and had 2 skimmers in quick succession. Another ~4lb Bream and then my luck ran out and I snagged a tree branch! 😫. The float and a nest of line round the branch made it impossible to pull back, ended up snapping my elastic (Slik 3-5) leaving the rig and my dacron swinging off the tree. Jimmy C to the rescue with his weed cutter attachment on his potting top 2 managed to get the rig back and a testament to the GORTINI 4X10 it was undamaged and will just need making up in a new rig. Switched top sections with another GORTINI 4×10 Dibber. A few more Roach and Rudd and a final ~4lb Bream to wrap up the day.

All the marked Bream were treated with bonjella before being released back to the lake.

25/5/2020 GORTINI 4X10 Dibber.

I had trialled this float for Bri last year, however it was a bit too late in the year to give it a full outing and a fair review. Today was perfect conditions, Sun was out, water was mill pond calm a slight tow in the water but no wind. I dotted the floats down to just the top of the bristle showing, .5mm or so, and they were accurate on every indication and as proved by dragging one through a tree very strong and resilient. I normally fish the GORTINI 4×12 in the summer months, but that is going to change with small bait as I have every confidence in the Dibber when the conditions are right. As it is so short it is ideal to present small bait like 2mm expander, pinkie etc close in without having to switch out to a mini margin. Definitely impressed.

Wednesday 13/5/2020 Back to fishing

The Angling Trust have done a great job putting forward a proposal to the Government which allows Anglers to get back out on the bank. This is welcome news and a big well done to the Angling Trust for pushing their proposal so vehemently.
I sadly will still be working and not free until Sunday, but that isn’t the day I will be back out. My wife, due to long term illness, is on the high risk register and is pretty much confined to the house and garden. She hasn’t been out since mid March. I will be isolating as much as is physically possible as I have been since lockdown to protect her health.

If you can get out, have a good look about and suck up the vista and take time to unwind mentally, I hope you have a great time fishing and look forward to all the tales of monsters caught.
I have managed to clean all my ‘stuff’, make far more rigs than I can possibly use and tie so many hooks I needed to buy more hook boxes (I did say I would not be tying any more hooks before this lockdown, but…). I have sorted out all my tackle and come up with a few bits and pieces for our Juniors program, just need to get them to the coaches when possible.
Tight lines, stay safe and blow off those cobwebs.

Sorry followers.

The stats show me that people are still visiting my blog daily, but due to this lockdown and the inability to get on the bank I am pretty much devoid of updates. I don’t wish to deviate from fishing stories as this is why I started this all up. I will get back to normal weekly input and pictures once we can all get back on the bank. Tight lines, stay safe. There are still activities that are keeping me busy, like making up far more rigs than I will actually use with what time we have left this year. I have made sure Brian @GORTINI hand made pole floats has had orders to fill from me and he is also very busy with making his floats for new and returning customers. He even had a write up in one of the Angling magazines, well done Brian.

2 trays of rigs made.

What to do while stuck at home? Cleaned all my fishing gear to a sparkling shine. Had a good clear out of ‘stuff’ I haven’t used for the last 18 months, cleaned it up documented it and put it up to our coaches who run the Junior sessions. I had an empty tray of winders and a box full of GORTINI hand made pole floats, sat down for a full day and made up rigs to fill the winders. 1 tray of light silvers rigs and 1 tray of commercials rigs.

Still in lockdown

As my blog is fishing related and we are still being sensible, staying home while the NHS and key workers soldier on trying to stem and treat this virus, there isn’t any reports from the bank side. I have run 2 “virtual” matches on my clubs facebook page and they have gone down well and were light humoured. The results of them can be found in the Match Report page of this blog, you can navigate to it from the home page menu. Had a serious clear out of fishing ‘stuff’ and have loads that I am donating to the coaches who run Junior learning and match program of Newton-le-Willows Anglers Asc. Obviously I can’t get it to them until the lockdown is over.

A weekend of cleaning.

Maver, MAP and Shimano poles washed. Hot water and a car shampoo, rinsed clean, air dried and then spritzed with silicone maintenance spray, wiped down and stored away. All luggage emptied, all the ‘stuff’ that collects in the bottom removed and binned. Hot soapy water and wiped down with a sponge, then a re-wipe down with clean water, air dried and repacked. Seatbox, stripped down to its core pieces and jet washed with car foam, then jet wash rinsed, wiped down with a microfibre cloth and air dried, re assembled. it is hard to find things to do without having to start a major project, for which we are not allowed to travel out and buy supplies. So doing things slowly and focus on making them last as long into the day as possible. If this does go on longer than the 3 weeks forecast then it really is going to be hard to find things to keep productive. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!