GORTINI handmade pole floats, new design.

I received a GORTINI package today on my return from a nice day pleasure fishing on Whitedoor Dam. The first batch of production Clear Diamond 4×12 floats.

Rigged up on 0.13 line. 5 No10 stotz with a No11 to dot it down. First outing tomorrow on the over 60’s match on Haydock Park Farm.

Had a package in the post this morning, just in time to rig up and test at tomorrows Partridge Lakes Open. Designed specifically for stability in open water.

4×12 and 4×14 Diamond body floats.

Brian had discussed with me his intention to bring a diamond body float to his, already comprehensive range of floats. 4×12 and 4×14 Diamond body with a 4×10 maybe in the near future.
These floats are a clear glass fibre stem, which is short, but a long stem is also in the pipeline, the tip is 2mm.
I rigged these floats up ready for an outing tomorrow. The 4×14 I rigged at 36″ with 5 No 8 stotz, this takes the float down to the base of the tip and fine tuning shot can be added later. The 4×12 rigged at 24″ with 5 No 10 again fine tuning shot at the bank.

The 4×14 has 3 No 8 stotz backshot, 1 at 3/4 tip and 2 at 4″ up. Same on the 4×12 but with No 11 stotz.

A review of these floats will be in my fishing report after the open tomorrow.