Over 60 and Disabled match, Lagoon 14/9/19

As I am off work for a couple of weeks I decided to give this weekly match series a visit. Draw was 10:00 and I was really looking forward to it as Lagoon has been a good venue for me previously. Drew peg 8, far bank midway down. That was pretty much the highlight of the day! Although I was steady in getting bites, at the all in all I was pulling out was small roach and even smaller perch. I had 3 tracks set up and a margin.
1. 7m out on the edge of the lily bed, GORTINI 4×12, 0.09 mainline to 0.06 hook length and #20 forged hook. Caster and pinky.
2. 10m out back edge of the lily pad, GORTINI 4×12, 0.09 mainline to 0.06 hook length and #20 forged hook. Caster, big red and pinky.
3. 13m open water directly out front, GORTINI 4×16, 0.10 mainline to 0.08 hook length and #18 forged hook. Caster and expander.
Margin. 2+2 front of the lily pad, GORTINI 4×14 margin, 0.15 mainline to 0.09 hook length #18 foged hook. Caster and worm.
Burt Baits; Red bream and crushed expander 70/30 groundbait, big squirt of red glow additive. Sweet F1 4mm and Chock Orange 2mm pellet.
All day it was proving hard with very little happening on any of the pegs, Paul H on a far bank peg was landing a few good carp though and sat across from me I could see Jimmy C pulling out some decent bream. I was still catching but nothing substantial. 15 mins to go and Chris G hit into a carp that was leading him a merry dance round the pool, but he did eventually land it. I had what I think was a tench take my margin rig and dump my hook soundly in the middle of the lily’s with 10 mins to go to the all out.
Finished off with 21 roach, perch and skimmer for 2lb 11oz and 5th place.
Next week is on White Door Dam and I have already booked on.


Polemasters Open Tournament, Upper Pound, Sankey Canal, Newton-le-Willows. 8/9/19

Before I go off and start the Blog let me first thank; Burt Baits, for not only sponsoring this event but also supplying a selection of baits, additives and some mugs for the section winners and top 4 framers.
To the organisers and committee members who helped with the weigh in and to everyone who turned up, from the 4 corners of the UK, to participate in this event.
51 booked on and just a few no shows, this was a well attended and supported match.

I got to the event nice and early as I had volunteered to help with the draw, weigh in and carry out live feeds on Facebook and take a multitude of photo’s and video. Car parking was tight but it was managed well and all the cars and vans were parked and with enough room to de-bus all the tackle and sundries safely.

All in was 09:15 and this was a 5 hour match. First hour and it was looking good with most anglers having fish in their nets, Peg 38-42 were right on where the 63lb of Bream were caught on the last club canal match. These today again proved to be the pegs to be on, Peg 42 in particular (Ernie Hankinson) had a good showing of 3-5lb Bream, early doors this didn’t dilute the chances of all the other anglers. However as the hours rolled on it was obvious that these 3 pegs were going to be in the frame and it would take something special and some bonus fish to get close to them. Ian Wilson had a beaut of a Pike, but under match rules cannot be weighed in. Catch and release.
As it was Peg 38 3rd, Peg 40 2nd and Peg 42 a superb 60lb for 1st place. Ray Jacks up in the Muckies pulled 4th out of the hat. There were 7 section winners, each leaving with a few quid, some Burt Bait goodies and a smile.

1st Ernie Hankinson, 2nd Roger Gardom, 3rd Terry Speakman and 4th Ray Jacks.

Beech Pool, White Door Dam 01/9/19

Today’s club match was on the canal, so I did not fish it. Headed off to Beech Pool, I had to test run the paste floats that Bri @Gortini made up for me and decided that Beech was as good as anywhere else. Set up on the back side 1/3 the way down. 3 rigs;
1. GORTINI 4×12 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length, #20 forged Guru hook.
2. GORTINI 4×14 paste float 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length, #14 forged Guru hook.
3. GORTINI short Margin 0.19 main line, 0.16 hook length #18 forged Guru hook.
Bait was Burt Baits; 2mm Choc orange, 4mm sweet F1, 4mm polony, krill additive soaked 4mm and 6mm pro expanders. Ground bait was 3/4 dark bream mix and 1/4 red bream mix.
Paste was Mainline 1 to 1 natural.

Started off on my paste rig, fed 4mm polony pellet 10m directly out front of the peg, first drop and within 30 secs a nice ~4lb (one eyed) ghost. 2 or 3 missed bites and then another ~3lb ghost, next drop a large skimmer, it was looking too easy, 30 mins of skimmers and large roach, no more carp. The paste float was well balanced and dropped/washed out paste was indicated correctly with the tip raising up to the full 50mm. Small roach started to come into the swim and just nuisanced the paste off the hook constantly.

Switched round to my margin rig and fished left and in front of the lily bed. Fed 4mm sweet F1 pellet with 4mm expander on the hook, started with some really nice bream and skimmers, this continued for an hour or so when I then changed back to my paste line, again just getting small roach nuisance. Set my paste float to same depth as margin and dropped in, BANG! the float shot off into open water like a steam train. Took a while to calm things down and start to get the upper hand, 10 mins and I still hadn’t got it’s head up. Just took my time and was rewarded with an easy double figure common that just about fitted in my net. The rest of the day was spent on this left margin with spells out at 10m, bream, skimmer and roach were the rewards for the rest of the day. John (White Door Bailiff ) jinxed me as up until he came over and had a chat I had not had a gudgeon, as soon as he walked off I had a single gudgeon.
Ended the day with 44, really enjoyed the day and was well impressed with the Gortini 4×14 paste float.

Havannah Flash Sweepstake. 25/8/19.

A warm and sunny start to the day with temps forecast for 27C. Drew peg 18 so not too shabby and I wasn’t dissapointed, right twang 1/2 way up. A bit of weed right at my feet and out 6 m or so, but still fishable. 3 tracks set up;
10m directly to my front GORTINI 4×12 chanti style float, 3lb main line through to 1.1 22 hook.
10m @2 o’clock over a lily pad GORTINI 4×10 chianti style float, 3 lb main through to 1.8 20 hook.
13m directly to my front GORTINI 4×12 round body, 4 lb main through to 3lb 20 hook.

At the all in started on my 2 o’clock line, pinky, and was getting one a chuck, problem being they were smaller than a small thing. Swapped out to caster and went shallow, still couldn’t get past the bits. Same on my 10m line out front. Switched between pinky and caster but nothing bigger than a few drams. Decided to just stick with it as there was nothing other than the odd small skimmer and rare stamp roach, the fish were there, just the tiny fish! Lunch time ish my elastic took off across to the far bank, I was fishing #3 elastic, as big fish are few and far between in the Flash! Stuck my pole in the water and waited for the hook length to snap. Surprisingly it didn’t, played the fish for 10 mins or so being careful to not bully it on the small tackle I was fishing with. Got it’s head up and played it towards my net. Yea, as soon as it saw the landing net it turned and was gone, my float and terminal tackle smacking off the end of my No1 like a gunshot! Oh well that’s fishing. Had a Pike attack my keep net, I pulled the net but no holes so no fish lost.
At the all out 42 fish for a paltry 2lb 14oz, a good days fishing but not the result I was hoping for off this peg.

Testing a new GORTINI float

I asked Brian to make me a paste float from a 4×14 round body ‘chassis’. They just turned up in the post, 5 days, including a weekend, from request to on my doorstep. This coming Sunday I am off to Havannah Flash for a club match and this place just isn’t suited to paste fishing so it may be a week or so before I can get out and give these an outing. May need some fine tuning but I don’t think it is out of Brian’s expertise to interpret my findings to a working model and new float to the range.

It was hard to pack up when fishing was this good. Yew Tree Res 18/8/19.

A spot of margin fishing today. I had re-elasticated my 2 margin top 2’s on my Shimano Beastmaster 8.5m Margin pole. 14-18 ProGen Hyra core elastic which proved to be more than up for the challenge off the Yew Tree carp. Corner peg with the old pump house to my right, fished right out at 8.5m with a GORTINI 4×14 short margin float, 0.18 mainline to 0.16 hook length and 18 wide gape pellet hook. Fed 2mm Choc Orange pellet, 6mm Polony pellet from Burt Baits with 4 and 6mm pro expanders from Sonubaits soaked in Burt Baits Polony additive. Just could not get past the silvers! I had 20 silvers before I hit into my first carp, this just dragged me off towards the pump house and the hook length snapped in a snag. Stayed on this right margin and again silvers. Another carp and this one headed for open water, pulling my elastic as it swam off. Dropped my top 2 into the water and started to make headway in calming this one down, 5 mins later a nice ~5lb Mirror, yay 😉 . Just before lunch I had a 1/2lb Perch, nice. At lunch time as I wasn’t making a dent in the margins I switched out my Margin Float for a GORTINI 4×12 round body and switched my line to 8.5m directly out front of my peg. Again silvers and perch. I started to feed sweet F1 pellets, again from Burt Baits, these I sprayed with choc orange and this seemed to be a good combination. The carp were coming alive and I had another 5 landed and 4 that just took the hook length and laughed at me! A bonus 3lb Bream as well.
91 Silvers/Perch, 6 Carp and 1 Bream, a great day in my book.

Final Round Summer Pairs League 11/8/19 Oak and Beech Pools, White Door Dam

Stakes were high and there were 2 points separating the top 4 teams. There was a slim but achievable chance that even one of the pairs in the 5-6 and 7 place could win it if the top placed pairs had a mare of a day. So with all to fish for the pressure was on.
I drew what was pegged as peg 6 on Oak Pool, I was later told by those that regularly fish the Dam it was the worst peg on the complex! Not deterred I set up my Margin tracks, left and right, a 10m track directly to my front, a 13m again directly out front and 2 10m tracks left and right 10 and 2 o’clock. Other than the margin I had 2 rigs for each track one dead bottom and one up in the water.
Right margin was off at 10m, 4×14 Gortini margin float, 0.10 main line to 0.09 hook length and a 16 forged hook. Quick change available between quick stop and band.
Left margin was same rig but at 6m.
10 and 13m tracks, 4×12 Gortini round body 0.10 main line to 0.09 hook length 20 forged hook.
At the all in I chucked out my method feeder and started feeding my margin and front tracks, had a few liners on the method but nothing positive after 10 mins. Switched to 10m track and started to get some skimmers and a nice bream, as this quietened down I moved out to 13m and again skimmer, bream and a few roach. 10 o’clock track out to the lily pad was producing some small perch but nothing big.
Left margin was nothing. Right Margin had two big violent hits that just dragged me off to the dam snags and took the hook lengths before I had had time to react.
At the all out: 4lb 5oz of roach, perch, skimmer and bream for 5th.

Gortini pole floats: 4×14 Margin, Mini Margin, 4×12 round body, 4×12 chianti.

Burt Baits: Natural Silvers Light groundbait, 2mm choc orange pellet, 2mm polony pellet, 4mm polony pellet, polony bait spray, polony splash mix.
Dynamite: 8mm Robin Red, 8mm Halibut

Winner of the league was Ian Alexander (Burt Baits) Mark Brown. 2nd Chris Grehan Dave Boyle, 3rd Eddie Marcroft ( Golborne Tackle & Bait) Tony Smith ( Golborne Tackle & Bait) . Congratulations and spend your winnings wisely 😉 .