20/1/19 Teal Pool, Moathouse Fisheries.

A wet start to the day, just pleasure fishing today, dried up by 10 ish though. No rush to get organised or rushing before the “all in”. A great chance to try out the Maver Signature Pro 800 with out the pressure of a match situation. Teal was deserted other than 2 lads on tip on the far side top of the doughnut island, they had only been there 1/2 hour and not had a bite yet, so no indication on how it was fishing in the cold damp conditions. I plumbed out to the island, 10″ of depth from mud line to 3-4′ out, a drop off to 4′ 6″ shelf that was shy of 2′ wide and then 6′ something back to 2′ from my feet. Decided to feed the mud line and the shelf with 2mm soaked pellet and 4mm expanders soaked in strawberry flavouring, and the mid depth with 2mm soaked pellet and big reds. First chuck in on the shelf (9:30), 4mm expanders, and within 10 mins had a nice 2lb Mirror, thought that was going to be the trend for the day 🙂 . Sadly nothing right up to 11:50 when I changed from 4mm expanders to big red. Nothing mid water or on the mud line, started catching roach on the shelf on big red so swapped my top 2 from a 5-8 hollow, Gortini 4×14 to a 3 solid on a match top3 Gortini 4×12. Having pretty good luck with the roach and was steady for an hour or so. Started to die off on the bottom but was picking them off on the lift, pulled 8″ of depth from my rig and really started to get some decent stamp of roach. Come 14:30 I had achieved my aim in christening the Maver and it proved to be all that the reviews said it was.
It was better balanced, far stiffer and significantly lighter at 13m, 14.5m than the MAP, but you can’t draw a direct comparison over the MAP at £400 and the Maver at £1800. A good day.


13/1/19 Havannah Flash Match. Cancelled.

Due to sickness, work and other commitments from members the low participation resulted in this match being cancelled.

I still had the opportunity to get out and try out my new pole though. Woke up to howling wind with gusts to 40kph odd. Had a run out to Moathouse in Burtonwood, and it was bleak, I mean real bleak. With it being open farm land there were no barriers to calm the wind, it was just howling. Not fishing here today. Set off to Cowhey Dam off the East Lancs, there are plenty enough trees for cover there. Settled on Lagoon pool as I could hunker down. Set up for the day but the wind was still relentless and fishing a pole was just not on the cards. Set up my 8′ Omni feeder rod and Omni 40 reel. Fished a small pellet feeder with 50/50 groundbait and crushed expanders. Had a nice 4oz (ish) roach first chuck, spirits were high. Sat for 45 mins before the next bite! A nice skimmer again 4-5 oz odd. Hour or so later another roach maybe 1 oz. Went real quite so I switched to a 20g bomb in the hope that single bait and no feed will spurn the fishies to feed, rest of the afternoon I had another roach and a skimmer. Days totall weight must have been close to 1/2 lb! Rocking it like a pro on a commercial water.

Had the company of 2 Robins so I wasn’t on my own all day 🙂

It really is nice.

Maver Signature Pro 800 16m Pole

I got an email off Angling Direct yesterday (Wed 09/1/18) to say my Pole had been dispatched, yay. I got another email off Parcel Force to say they had my pole, a tracking number and stating it was on a 48 express delivery. Anticipating a Friday delivery I was real happy with the service.

First thing this morning (Thur 10/1/19) a Parcel Force van rocks up outside the house, surely this can’t be my pole, overnight delivery? Yep it was my pole. Well done Angling Direct and Parcel Force for great service.

Opened up the packing box, Maver MV-R luggage series 6 tube holdall was the contents.

I unloaded the bag and meticulously went through each tube to ensure that nothing was broken or damaged.

The 6 power top 2’s were all in one tube, once elasticated I will need another tube, which I have already.

On checking the other tubes I came across the 2 match top 4 sections, the cupping kit and another match top 3 (not listed in the kit package, but hey)

The pole is seriously light, rigid and arrow straight at 13m, I don’t have the room to get it to 16m without invading the neighbours garden!

A new 16m pole for me!

I have a good pole a MAP 101 2g 14.5m and it is a great pole, but…
I have had the MAP for close to 3 years now and as my first full carbon ‘top brand name’ it suited me well and was well worth what I paid for it. However my fishing skills have progressed and my fishing style has also changed, fishing at 13m plus with the MAP was tiresome and I needed a splash bar to counter the weight at those lengths. It wasn’t cumbersome, just tip heavy, at 6-11m it was superb. Since fishing the matches on Havannh Flash I have realised that I need a pole that is light and stiff at 13 plus meters and that can easily be shipped in and out constantly, so light was a deciding factor. I was up in Leeds City Centre working and had time to pop into BobCo as they have a ‘pole ally’ where you can sit at box height with a pole to full length and gauge the weight and feel of a specific pole. I was dead set on a Maver Oculus 799 or even the slightly lighter 999 as they felt good, were stiff and offered a good selection of top kits and short sections, they were also a good price. I asked other anglers who have this pole about their personal opinions and views. The internet is good but corporate sales patter abounds and there is nothing better than hearing it from someone who actually has one and has fished it for some time.

Time to convince the wife that my needs were justified and get a hall pass to spend close to a grand on a new pole.

We had ‘that conversation’ and decided that I could get the 999, I was well made up with that outcome. I have been spending some time working out where I was going to get the best deal off. Meanwhile her-in-doors has been putting her new internet shopping skills to the test and stopped me from pulling the trigger on the 999. Apparently she thought that the Maver Signature range at a couple hundred quid more would be a better solution and have the potential to stop me ‘wanting’ another pole in another 3 years. So again we sat down and looked at the Signature range, 700, 800 or 900. I would have been quite happy if she had said get he 700 but no, she went down the middle and told me I could have the 800.
For me this is a huge outlay and I hope my fishing improves to give the pole enough credit. Spending near twice more than I had initially budgeted for and cutting some of the kids inheritance wasn’t an easy decision to make. I almost feel that my days away at the bank are a welcome bonus for the wife as much for my sanity! Looking at the specifications and top kits I see it comes with 2 match top 4’s, never fished a top 4 so something else to learn. The Fighting No4 and No5 are also going to be a learning curve if I venture out to commercials and fish the margins with this pole.

Anyway decision made and an online search came up with Angling Direct as the preferred supplier, that and almost £250 discount helped. The Wigan or Preston store did not have stock so it was going to be mail order (07/01/2019). Got to sit and wait in anticipation now 3 to 5 days delivery!!!! Meanwhile I will need to spend ~£80 on elastics.

6/1/19 Havannah Flash Work Party.

As published a work party was set up to cut steps into the steep banks at Peg 25 and Peg 26. We also planned to repair Peg 23, fit and secure a new platform. Tony Smith and I achieved the days aim.

We started on Peg 25.

We then secured a plastic pallet and extra support on Peg 23

Then Peg 26.

We have identified other Pegs that require work to make them safe to access without slipping or tripping while carrying a seat box etc to the Peg.

This will require further equipment and possibly 2 more work parties.

Thanks to Tony Smith not only for his time but also for the steel pegs and pallet he ‘acquired’ to make today a success.

30/12/18 Havannah Flash Match

Turned out to be a nice dry and somewhat warm day after a misty start to the morning. Another good turn out by the members, although it was a few regulars short the numbers were made up by new blood! I drew peg 26, a side of the flash that I have not fished up to now, but other match results have proved that this is a good draw. 3 sections made up, a No6 elastic with Gortini 4×12 on 0.11 main line with 0.07 hook length to a #22 hook. A No6 elastic with Gortini 4×14 on 0.11 mainline with 0.07 hook length to a #20 hook. A No3 elastic with a Gortini 4×12 0.8 main line with 0.06 hook length to a #24 hook.

Plummed the 4×12 #24 under the tree cover 6m out to my right at 2 o’clock and ended up fishing this line for 3/4 of the day as it turned out very productive until the last hour where I changed to the 4×12 #22 directly to my front at 11m, this track was very slow but produced some better stamp than I was getting from the tree cover. Ended the day with 68 fish to a weight of 3 1/2 pound odd, which framed me second. Very chuffed with myself to be honest.

16/12/18 Havannah Flash Match

A festive start to the days event, lots of effort by the members to look Ho ho ho.

The match started off by having to break the layer of ice covering the Flash! Made 3 decent size clearings in the ice, 9m, 12m, and 14m, hoping that fishing directly out in front of me at these ranges would suffice for the day. Closest I got to a fish today was seeing the tins of Tuna in the fridge this morning! Pinky, bread, 4mm expander, nothing, not a thing. The only time my float moved was when I moved it… I wasn’t the only one not getting bites and some far better anglers than me decided enough was enough about 13:00 ish. An hour earlier I had set an alarm on my phone for 13:30, if I didn’t get a bite by then I was going to join the mass exodus. The ice remained in my swim all day making switching lines difficult. There were fish being landed, but only by the most experienced anglers, sticking to that theory :-).