Ready for 2019 season.

Got my Newton Permit, just ordered my EA licence. That’s me 100% ready admin wise for the upcoming season. There is that little matter of ‘stuff’ I will need to get me through the next 12 months but I am sure I will cope for now. The last 12 months have been awesome can’t wait for the memories of the next 12.


You need a new permit?

The 2018 permits expire on Sunday so get your new permit prior to fishing in April and the rest of the year. If you were a new member I hope you took the opportunity to get your permit early and take advantage of the few months of ‘free’ fishing on the Newton waters. Don’t forget you EA rod licence.
The Spring league starts on Sunday, 7 consecutive Sundays, sponsors have donated a healthy bonus to augment the match fee pay out. 6 of the 7 matches count so you can scrub your worst day. All matches are on the Canal, upper and lower pound as listed by the match secretary.
This is also the start of the adopted £10 match fee, making the match payouts even more attractive.

Sunday 24/3/19 Havannah Flash Club Match

Nice bright dry day, got up to the vannie in good time, still too late for some of the lads who got there real early. Drew Peg 25, well happy. We had the wind blowing left to right and slightly in our faces, Tony S to my left and Ray R to my right. Tony S had his nice new, first time out Matrix seat box. Very nice it is too.
Set 2 tracks at 9m:
Gortini 4×10 Chianti, 0.05 hook length to a 24 barbless.
Gortini 4×12 Chianti, 0.07 hook length to a 22 wide gape barbless.
2 tracks at 13.5m:
Gortini 4×12 Chianti, 0.07 hook length to a 22 barbless.
Gortini 4×14 Round body, 0.07 hook length to a 22 barbless.

A slow start and nothing for 15 minutes, feeding light on both tracks. Started to get bites on the 9m track, very small roach and very timid indications. I was getting more on the lift than dead bottom so switched one of the 4×10 Chianti to a 4×14 Round body. Steady all day with bites every 20 minutes or so with spells of a bite a drop. The wind was a real pain and made it very difficult to see the bite indications.
Finished the day with 39 for 1lb 7oz, a welcome 4th place.

Looking forward to Sunday on the bank side.

Last week end was taken up with the move of stores from the Newton Lock up to Moathouse Lock up, 2 previous Sundays were forecast for work parties but got washed out due to bad weather, so I am itching to get back and get some fishing in. Had a walk around Whitedoor, Cowhey and Vulcan yesterday (20/3/19) but that is not as good as a day with a rod and some bait. Sunday is another Havannah Flash club match and as the weather has been getting significantly warmer over these last few weeks I hold out for some good weights.

A dull weekend! 09-10/3/19

A work party was planned for this weekend, Sunday, so no plans were made for an outing on the bankside. Sods law dictated that is was forecast for high winds and rain, lots of rain. Work party was cancelled, but the weather still put me off getting out and doing a bit of fishing. I’m not a fair weather fisherman, but the prospect of high wind and rain just put me off wanting to get out. I do have (did have) a ‘honey do’ list that needed attention to keep HWMBO off my back. So this weekend was household and garden tasks. There is always next weekend 🙂 .

Havannah Flash Club Match 24/2/19.

This was Tony Smith’s first time running a match and hats off to him, he done good. Thanks Tony for a well run match.

A misty start to the day, which also meant that it wasn’t going to be blowing a gale again 🙂 . At the draw I pulled Peg 24, which I was more than happy with. Set out my kit and plumbed two tracks directly in front of me;

10m @ 2m depth, Gortini 4×10 0.08 main line to 0.06 hook length to a No 26 barbless hook, tip dotted to 1.5mm, No10 back shot 6″ from float with 12″ total line to tip of pole, No3 solid elastic.

13m @ 2.1m depth, Gortini 4×10 0.08 main line to 0.06 hook length to a No 24 barbless hook, tip dotted to 3mm, No10 back shot 4″ from float with 10″ total line to tip of pole, No3 solid elastic.

Before the “all in” we even had time to stand about, with a coffee and discuss tactics.

“All In” started on my 10m track, 2mm soaked pellet on the hook and had a small roach within 1 minute, if this carries on all day I can cope with that. I was pulling little roach on the 2mm pellet so stayed on it for the rest of the day. Some good skimmers coming out late morning so again stayed on the 2mm pellet. Finished the day with 41 fish for 3 lb 9 oz and a reward of first place.

Ray to my left, Ernie and Ian W to my right had a good day, Ernie finishing 3rd, had it not been for Chris G catching a 2 lb+ Tench on Peg one, this leg of the twang would have taken 1,2 and 3. Chris’s Tench almost wiped me to 2nd place, his final weight was 3 lb 8 oz. So I managed to sneak it in by 1 oz.