Burt Baits

The newest and fastest growing bait manufacturer in the market place.

We have been working non stop to perfect these new baits because as you know, Unless we believe we have the best product on the market, its not going on the shelves!!

We have 4 new products available from the end of next week.

Firstly joining our succesful range of flavoured feed pellets will be Green Lipped Mussel. These will be available in 2, 4, 6, and 8mm.

The second product is a Green Lipped Mussel pva friendly flavouring to accompany the pellets.

Our third product is a Burt Baits paste. This is a just add water paste and will come in 4 flavours. Krill, GLM, Nut Blend and last but not least, Chocolate Orange! These pastes when mixed have a Fiberous consistency but unlike othe fibre pastes, the hook pulls through the paste easily on the strike but stays on the hook for an adequate amount of time while waiting for a bite. Unbelievably good!

The fourth product to hit the shelf is something we are more than just a little excited about. Burt Baits Splash Mix………

This is perfect when shallow slop or zig fishing as it holds fish up in the water better than anything else weve found! Just the right amount of food particles and attractants wafting about in the upper layers, creating a safe cloudy environment in which the fish feed confidently. Once again, these will be available in Krill, GLM, Nut Blend and Chocolate Orange.

As always all of our new baits contain our ever popular Stimul8or liquid for added attraction.

Alot of people have been involved in creating these new products and i thank you all very much but one person deserves an extra special mention, This guy has worked tirelessly for months now on these baits, making them something that little bit special! Thankyou Martyn Gibbons. This fella might be an old fart but what he does not know about the make up of bait, isnt worth knowing! I look forward to your next bright ideas!

Gortini handmade pole floats.

GORTINI POLE FLOATS – A non-obtrusive natural looking float

I use a natural looking earthy colour for all GORTINI floats, and non-gloss top coats. The base colour is also slightly metallic, to reflect a little light, and not cause too much shadow on bright sunny days.
I build all my floats specifically that way so they look as natural as possible, when in the water – I’m afraid I’m not a believer in bright, glossy flashy colours, or any unnatural markings, or logos on floats. I’m sure that the fish aren’t either 😉
If the float blends in completely, or looks like a bit of earthy coloured wood in the water, then it’s a lot less likely to spook your swim

eBay, enter “Gortini” in the search bar for a full list of floats and towels. All Brian’s floats are handmade to exacting standards. They are both well balanced and very sensitive, they also lend themselves to varying shotting patterns for perfect bait presentation.

Leigh Tackle and Bait, again

I have found that my carp barrow just isn’t what I needed to lug about my seat box and plethora of bank side equipment. The seat box sits too high and isn’t real stable. I initially bought a box with detachable wheels but it was just too low and didn’t have the carry capacity for match equipment, which is why I bought a barrow. This works well if I take a chair and not my seat box, so I needed a better solution. I have been looking at reviews on several good make shuttle type transporters and settled on the Preston Innovation 4 wheel shuttle. I have 54 hours overtime this month so it wasn’t going to be a financial burden this close to Crimbo to splash out on a long term investment like the PI shuttle. After looking at several outlets and their prices I again ended up visiting Leigh Tackle and Bait, not only the best price but also in stock and available to pick up same day.

Leigh Tackle and Bait

After my clutz moment on the bank yesterday and needing new pole sections I was internet shopping. Another member said to give these a bell as they are very price competitive and will go the extra mile to make you happy. I had business in Manchester this morning, during a break I gave them a bell and they said best thing would be to pop in and get a price on No 3,4 and 6 sections.  After my meeting I popped to Leigh T&B, somewhere I have not been to before as it is out the way for me normally. They phoned their supplier and got the prices, all offered to me at “mates rates” and to top it off they split a new 101 2g pole to get me the sections there and then and they would wait for delivery to make the shop pole back right. Even put the sections in a 3″ rod tube and didn’t charge me for it. For my fishing ‘stuff’ I do normally buy all my small items, maggots and dry bait at my local tackle shop, but I will now keep Leigh T&B on my radar. Thanks guys, I appreciate the great service.

Gortini Mini Margin Pole Float


Gortini margin pole floats and other pole floats can be purchased from eBay.
I have not been paid for this evaluation and it is an honest review.

I have been fishing Gortini floats for 3 months or more now. I initially bought a set of 4×16 long stem and these have proved to be a great float for my home made rigs during the summer months.

I also have a set of 4×14 margin floats that I bought a month later and again during the summer these have proved to be very balanced and precise.
Now the cold weather is upon us I was about to buy some smaller floats for the lighter bites that tend to happen in the cold.
Brian posted up he was producing some 4×12 mini margin floats, I indicated that I would have a set off him once he put them up for sale. He said he needed to fish them first to trial them out, he then offered me a 4×12 mini margin to test drive on my next outing and to give an unbiased review.

The 4×12 mini margin is 7cm long from bristle to bottom of the stem, as with all Gortini floats it takes 0.8mm silicone sleeves and these fit nice and snug.
I have rigged the Mini Margin to .13 main line .10 6” hook length to a Drennan 18 banded hook.
3x No8 stots with a No11 dropper.

The 4×14 Short Margin is 10cm long.
The Short Margin is 0.20 main line .185 4” hook length to a Drennan 18 pellet hook. 5x No8 stots no dropper.