Work Parties

The club have a series of work parties throughout the year. These help to maintain the waters, the fish husbandry and act as a social hub. They are not compulsory but it is a way of giving back to the club with a few hours honest work, most of which is talking and taking the piss out of someone! It may just be you…

There is a hard core of some 20 members who attend almost all the projected work and some real stalwarts who at the drop of a hat can be relied on to help with some task or other at short notice. Everyone is welcome, made welcome and not asked to do any work they are not capable of doing due to age, physical limitations or any other reason.  Members have turned out and just done a litter pick, this is a real help and displays the full vista of the venue without crisp packets and beer can littering the place.

During the Summer when the nights are long then it is normally a Wednesday evening.

In the winter months it would normally be a Sunday morning.

Nothing is set in stone and work parties can be called due to a health and safety risk or a perceived risk to both anglers and fish stock.

All help is appreciated and cited on the Facebook page as a thank you.