Work Party Schedule

Work Party on Havannah Flash, Wednesday 22/5/19 was attended by;
John A
Tony S
Ste McN
Ray R
Thank you for attending and making a contribution, thank you to the regulars who couldn’t make it tonight and phoned or emailed me with apologies, which are not necessary.
A litter pick, strimming and pruning were carried out. We also fixed Peg 16 by dismantling it and moving it back 4 feet and re-fitting a new platform to it, Peg 18 re-planked and secured, Peg 19 secured and new platform. Weeds and stick-ups removed from in front of Pegs 16 -20. Tony and I stayed as long as we could see, and made a huge improvement on the Pegs of that twang.
Next Wednesday 29/5/19 will also be on Havannah Flash, again getting pegs sorted and weeds and stick-ups removed.

The work party on Vulcan tonight, Wednesday 15/5 was attended by;
John A
Ian A
Lee F
Ste McN
Chad M (the Male Model)
Tony S
Brian C
Thanks you all for your combined efforts. Thanks to Carole for letting Chad out to play.
Pegs 21, 22 and 23 were refurbished and the diamond plate re-attached. All the major work has now been completed on this water, grass cutting pruning general maintenance will still be needed, but will not require a lot of effort or manpower.

Work Party Wednesday 15/5/19 Vulcan Res 18:00.

We have 4 pegs to refurbish, this is achievable as 4 were completed in less than 2 hours at the last work party. 
Once Vulcan is complete we can concentrate our efforts on other waters, specifically Havannah Flash, now the spring league on the canal is finished there is general consensus to resume having matches on “the vannie”. 
We need to get this water safe, fishable and back up to a standard where members want to fish it regularly. This is going to take very little effort but needs your commitment and support to progress. I will update on the proposed forecast of works and when we are going to schedule them.

Wednesday 8 May 19 Cow Hey and Lagoon 18:00. Update: CANCELLED due to bad weather.

An extensive litter pick and general tidy up, grass and shrub cutting.

Wednesday 1 May 19 Vulcan Res 18:00

John A
Eddie M
Eddie Mc
Ian A
Toby W
Lee F
Chad the male model
Steve McN
Graham B
with your assistance and effort we managed to repair 4 pegs on Vulcan Res. A fantastic team effort and a welcome social gathering splintered with a bit of graft.
Pegs 19, 24 26 and 28 have been refurbished, when you fish from them you can thank those who contributed to their upkeep.

Wednesday 24 April 19 Yew Tree Res 18:00

A skip has been arranged so we can get rid of the wood and other detritus that is piled up against the fence by the gate. There is a chance of showers, but the skip has been booked so we will have to brave it and carry out the work regardless. This is not going to be heavy lifting but the walking back and forth will contribute to your 6000 steps a day 🙂 .

May 2019

I am looking at running work parties from May on a week night, 1 a week. We have in the past ran these on a Wednesday from 18:00 this normally gives us 2 1/2 hours plus,to carry out maintenance on our waters. In May I want to concentrate on Vulcan Res and get the pegs that were proposed in the last 2 washed out work parties finished.

What a fantastic turn out.

A few of us started early on Sunday morning, I felt guilty sat with my Hot chocolate and McMuffin (not really). A huge thank you to all who turned out to assist in the work party today:
Myself, Eddie M, Tony S, Martin E, Graham B, Ste McN, Paul L, Jackie K, Chad Male-model, Brian C, Mike W, Wayne O’S, Colin P and Eric K, again a big Thank You.
We achieved the aim of the work party and within the time I estimated it would take.

Sunday 17 March 10:00. Newton Lock up.

Due to circumstances beyond the clubs control the lock up in Newton le Willows HAS to be emptied, in the short term we can move the stores to the lock up at Moathouse farm. It is intended, wet or dry day, to carry this out on Sunday 17th March meeting at the Newton lock up at 10:00. We have one van but could do with at least one more to transport the stores. One team at Newton loading and one team at Moathouse unloading will make this an easy and low time task. Everything in the Newton lock up is being moved out. Sorting out what is to be kept etc can be done at a later date, the priority is getting the lock up empty. Please spare a few hours of your time to assist with this low energy task.

Vulcan Res 3/3/19 cancelled, rained off.

Thank You Members.

Although we have a schedule of works and potential tasks that need attention it is not always possible to get round to doing them immediately. This last week (11 – 18 Feb) there have been opportunities where members have been out on the waters, and without needing to disrupt angling or call for any assistance, they have carried out litter picks and canal drags. Thank you all for your efforts and commitment to keeping our waters pristine. There is more that can be done with a member base of over 900 members it can’t always be someone else’s job to do it! Don’t always think it is someone else’s responsibility; Story time:

This is a story about four people, named Everybody,SomebodyAnybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job.

Sunday 03 March and Sunday 10 March. Vulcan Res

It is proposed to hold 2 Sunday work parties on Vulcan Res (3 and 10 March). There are 8? pegs that are in need of renovation, 2 were done late last year as a ‘test’ to gauge the manpower and resources required.

Work schedule for the peg renovation : The diamond plate will be removed, the wood structure removed/disassembled, scaffolding poles made secure, new wood planks installed and the diamond plate reinstalled. We achieved this with 3-4 people on each peg in less than an hour per peg. The more that turn up the more we can achieve on each day of the work party.

The Res will be closed to fishing on both these Sundays, if we do not achieve the peg renovation on these 2 Sundays then the Res will be closed on further days so this vital work can be carried out.
This is the only major work required on this water and getting it done this early in the year will negate the chances of further closures as grass cutting and tree pruning can be carried out without closing the water.

If you are turning up then you will not require any tools, other than cordless drill/screwdriver, hammer if you have these.
Please bring work gloves
Information on this event are posted in the Official Forum and on Facebook link.

Sunday 6/1/2019 First one of the New Year. Havannah Flash

Proposed to cut steps into the steep bank at Peg 25 and 26. I fished Peg 26 on the last match (30/12/18) and was pretty intimidated in getting down to the peg, very wet and slippery. Peg 25 was the same and Chris Grehan who fished it, is no spring chicken, and needed assistance to get to his peg. Tony Smith and Ray Roughley have previously fixed these platforms up and while needing a bit of tarting up the access is what needs attention desperately. Should be a good 3 hours or so of work and hopefully with help they can be fully accessible in all weathers.

Tuesday 27/11/18

Big thanks to Tony Smith for fixing up 2 pegs on Havannah Flash, without assistance.


Sunday 25/11/18 Vulcan Res,

replace one/a few of the unsafe pegs. To determine how long it takes and what resources and man power required to complete all the pegs requiring replacement.


A huge thanks to all that turned out to help on Vulcan this morning.
John Austin, Ste McNally, Wayne Oshea, Chad Maughan, Eddie McLorie, Martin Egan, Tom Cox, Colin Partington and his brother and me (Eddie Marcroft).
We managed to refurbish pegs 27 and 25, this is an on going project over the coming weeks.